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Gear Up For Drama: The 2021 Leo Full Moon is Full of It

Taking place at 9°, January’s Full Moon in Leo is making tense aspects to Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus…

Originally published in The Scribe.

 Happy (belated) New Year, Mountain Lions! Our Spring semester had an auspicious start coinciding with the onset of Aquarius season, but on Jan. 28th dynamic and dramatic Leo takes center stage thanks to a Full Moon in fire sign. The lunation takes place at 12:16 pm MT, and, as the first Full Moon of 2021, it does not disappoint. Coming into close and uncomfortable contact with the planets Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus, this Leo Full Moon is all about finding balance between resistance and persistence, particularly in our quests for independence. 

     In astrology, a Full Moon signifies an opposition between the Sun and the Moon, both planets which represent our creative and emotional personalities, respectively. Since the Moon is at its biggest and brightest, a Full Moon is the opportune time to reflect and let moonbeams illuminate your emotional drives and desires. 

     As the only fixed fire sign in the zodiac, Leo is best known for its passion, self-expression, and flair for the dramatics. Any time a planet transits Leo, you should expect a surge in drama, self-absorption, and strong emotions. Sun-ruled Leo believes they are the center of the universe! (Kylie Jenner is a Leo, if that puts the sign into better perspective for ya.) 

     But it isn’t just the Leo Full Moon responsible for a few Oscar-worthy meltdowns, it’s the square aspect the Moon is making to Mars, the planet of action and energy.

     Any time Mars is involved with a Full Moon, tensions run high. We’re more defensive, irritable, and desperate to let off steam. Because Thursday’s Moon-Mars interaction occurs in the exceedingly stubborn fixed signs Leo and Taurus, our tension levels will feel like they’re at their boiling point. We’re easily upset by little annoyances and feel like we’re not moving fast enough towards our desires. 

     The question you should when you find yourself ready to blow your top is: what’s really upsetting me? Chances are, it’s not whatever is happening the day of the Full Moon, but is a culmination of months-long feelings of stagnation thanks, in large part, to Covid-19. 

     Instead of lashing out and making life miserable for those around you, exorcise your emotions through physical activity. (The UCCS fitness center is still open, you know.) Even better, use your emotional energy as momentum toward your future goals. 

     And speaking of future goals… The Leo Full Moon is also in opposition to Jupiter, the planet of our higher mind and aspirations. 

     When the Moon and Jupiter meet in the sky, our feelings swell and so do our insecurities, especially the ones related to our aspirations and higher educational pursuits. There’s also conflict between our security and freedom needs. Should you continue to follow the status quo, or risk your sense of “security” and branch out into new terrain? I don’t have the answer to that question, but if ever there was a day to answer it yourself, it’s Thursday. 

     Leading up to the afternoon lunation, the Moon will make yet another square to the planet of progress Uranus. (I know, you’re thinking: what else is gonna happen this day?) A sudden, if not downright erratic conflict between the past and the future unfolds. Rousing our need for freedom, Moon-square-Uranus will also make us feel restless and desperate for change. Yet at the same time, it feels supremely difficult for us to change absolutely anything. Talk about a conundrum!

     Once again we’re wondering if we should stay or go. Unsurprisingly, this leads to unignorable cravings for excitement and out-of-the-ordinary behavior. If someone (say, me) suggests that you not act so rashly, Uranus will push you to do the exact opposite. Please, please, please cool your jets, wild child, and keep in mind that all this emotional unrest is temporary. (I know you won’t because I just said so in the first line of this paragraph, but the optimist in me is hoping you will prove me wrong.) 

     A conjunction between love planet Venus and power-hungry Pluto also adds a layer of intensity to our love lives, driving us towards transformative romantic experiences. In plain English, that means we’re looking for a deep, intense, and life changing interaction with another person. That’s a wonderful want, but the reality is: we’ll just act irrationally and impulsively towards our beau or crush, then blame it on the planets. 

     Taking place at 9°, January’s Full Moon in Leo concludes a lunation cycle that began six months ago with the Leo New Moon in August. Think back to what you were doing then, what intentions you set. How have you grown? What is concluding? 

     Granted, with all the planetary energy and invisible hostility soaring about, it might not be so easy to answer those questions. And if you’re not one to be in touch with your emotions, this 2021 Leo Full Moon will be challenging. But there’s always a bright side: it’s only one day!

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