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You Won’t Want to Miss the 2021 February New Moon

(Not that you could. I mean, it is the moon, after all.)

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Ah, it’s February, Valentine’s Day is almost here, and love is in the air. You know what else is in the air– Air signs, that is? The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and the 2021 February New Moon! That’s right, on Thursday Feb. 11th at 12:06 MT, we have a New Moon in Aquarius, the air sign of friendships and future goals. 

     If you’ve been reading my articles like a good astrology student (which I’m certain you have), then you’ll know that New Moons are the perfect day to set intentions for the next six months. 

     Why? Because astrological New Moons mark the beginning of a 6-month lunation cycle; they are also ideal days to begin a new cycle in your own life. This cycle can be more conscious, like, say starting a new project, internship, or relationship, or setting a new goal. Or it can be a little more go-with-the-flow, as new possibilities and opportunities always arise around New Moons.  

     What these possibilities and opportunities are, have a lot to do with the sign of the New Moon. 

     By now, you might also be more than familiar with Aquarius, since, as mentioned, nearly every planet in the galaxy is moving through the fixed air sign, and I’ve written about the sign in nearly every article this year. But here’s a quick refresh:

    A social and individualistic sign, Aquarius is all about linking up with like-minded peers who are as unique as they are interesting, if not a bit freaky. However, Aquarius makes us more interested in detached connections– friendships that provide us with the freedom to wave our freak flag. Mostly, Aquarius wants to belong to something, be it a group, a club, or a progressive clique dedicated to social progress (the sign does rule altruism, you know).  

     But Aquarius is also the sign of our long-term hopes, wishes, and dreams. Which means the Aquarius New Moon will have us dreaming about the ways we can connect with the world at-large and buddy-up with people who share the same or similar hopes and dreams as us.

     Outside of astrology, Thursday’s Aquarius New Moon has many names. It’s called the Snow Moon (after the snow on the ground), the Storm Moon (after snow storms), and the Hunger Moon (after food scarcity). But I’m coining Thursday’s New Moon the Rosy Moon. Why? Because it’s one of the luckiest and most promising lunations of the year! All due to a special conjunction (harmonious aspect) between planets Venus and Jupiter.

     As mentioned in my article on Venus in Aquarius, Venus is the planet of love, romance, affection, art, recreation, and partnerships. But Venus is also one of two benefics — or, beneficial, positive, fortune-bringing –planets. The other? Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance!

     It’s true, both Venus and Jupiter bring good fortune and good cheer to our lives when we least expect it. As the love-and-relationship planet, Venus helps support us in our interpersonal endeavors. Whereas lucky Jupiter gives us opportunities for growth and prosperity.

     When these two planets link up, like they’ll do on the Aquarius New Moon, they bring an abundance of positive vibes to our relationships as well as our long-term goals. And because both planets are in some way associated with money, our wallets could get a boost as well.  

     With the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, Feb. 11th is a great day to set intentions for love and wealth– or, even better wealth in love. And since both planets are in Aquarius, the sign of friendships and long-term goals, opportunities for making new, lasting friends are almost assured. 

     There is a slight downside to Thursday’s New Moon, and that’s caused by the loose square (tense aspect) between mind planet Mercury and action planet Mars. Because Mercury is still retrograde, this square to Mars could cause some unnecessary friction and miscommunication between yourself and others.  

     Still, retrograde Mercury is trine (another harmonious aspect) the Gemini North Node, or the celestial point of destiny and purpose. Since Mercury rules Gemini, the sign of communication and connection, this trine between the North Node and the mind planet will soften any misunderstandings caused by Mercury-square-Mars and help us better connect with one another. 

     To know just how this lunation will affect you and how it starts a new cycle of growth for your hopes and dreams, be sure to find 23° Aquarius in your birth chart— because that’s the degree the New Moon takes place. Also, you’ll want to check to see where 12° Aquarius falls, because that’ll tell you where Venus and Jupiter are making that beautiful, benevolent conjunction. Oh, and don’t forget to find 16° Gemini to see where the North Node is shedding light on your purpose. 

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