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Sun Dominant: what it is and what it means for your zodiac sign

Sun dominant souls are celebrities of spirit who shine confidence on the world, but they also lean …

It is a little known fact that the astrological personality is layered. Sundae-like, planetary and zodiac energies pile one on top of the other until there is a cherry on top: the Dominant Planet. Not to be confused with the chart ruler, the Dominant Planet is the planet that– either due to a stellium in the planet’s natural house, or it making a high number of aspects to other planets –calls the shots in your chart and imbues you with its planetary energies. These energies lay the path of your destiny.

Sun dominant souls are celebrities of spirit who shine confidence on the world, but they also lean towards megalomania. You have a sense of importance, and a desire to fulfill a destiny of distinction, to truly define yourselves as creative individuals. You will be magnetic & magnanimous, bold, proud, loyal, and possess an impressive will power. There is also a marked need to perform so the world can recognize your inner star.

Sun Dominance in the Signs:

Fire: Inferno of Vision

You are flashy and fearless, and determined to succeed in your own way, on your own terms. You are loyal, lively, loud, proud, and lavishly generous. Aries, you are gutsy and insistent on being the hero/star. Leo, you are radiant and dramatic, with a drastic desire for self-expression. Sagittarius, you are a daredevil who loves to shake and wake things up.

Earth: Inspiration + Functionality

You have an urge to use creative reserves for building permanence. You have grit, fortitude, artistry, and enterprise. Taurus, you’re a natural magnet, attracting people & things to you to help you gain renown. Virgo, you know your strengths, and are determined to work and earn praise. Capricorn, you are natural born royalty, the CEO, King & Queen of everything you pursue.

Air: Ideas on Fire

Your source of power comes from your ability to use your mind to convey the seat of your character, and you find it easy to draw on yourself to breathe life into your ideas. Gemini, you’re impressive, a ring-leader with a sharp mind and imagination made for the stage. Libra, you’re charming, generous, and humane, and your warmth and grace win admirers immediately. Aquarius: you are exceptionally unique and friendly, obsessed with setting yourself apart and shocking people.

Water: Heightened Insight

Your gut instincts are what give your personality meaning, and your feelings are colorful and vivid. Merciful and compassionate, you shine healing light on others. Cancer, you are caring and demonstrative, like a mother and father in one, with delightful humor. Scorpio, you are dedicated and full of integrity to heal the slighted, with immense will. Pisces, you are wildly creative & imaginative, romantic & dramatic, and endlessly kind.

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