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Why These Four Zodiac Signs Will Have the Best Month

March 2021 is full of astrological action, and these four signs will reap the benefits.

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Like DoorDash, the cosmos is delivering a platter of planetary transits right to our doorsteps, and March 2021 is full of astrological action. We’ve got Mars, Mercury, and Venus all changing signs; then there’s the 2021 Pisces New Moon; the spring equinox, a.k.a. Aries season; and the 2021 full moon in Libra. Now, I haven’t got the time to dive deep into each of these transits– we’ll save those forecasts for later –but I have compiled a list of the four zodiac signs who’ll reap the benefits and have the best March this year. Spoiler alert: it’s not any of the earth signs (sorry)! 

1. Pisces ♓

     It’s your birthday month (unless you’re a February Fish), which automatically qualifies you for a great March. If you’re icky, the Pisces New Moon on the 13th offers a burst of cleansing energy. It’s basically a second birthday– so make a wish to recharge for your year ahead. On the 15th, mind planet Mercury joins Sun and Venus, and they serenely surf through your sign, churning up loads of love, insight, and creative impulses. 

     This is good for all water signs, but especially good for Pisces. With mind, body, and soul in harmony, you’ve got greater sensitivity and your interactions with others are smooth as silk.

2. Gemini

     On March 3rd, action planet Mars enters your sign, and you feel revitalized the whole month through. About time, huh? 2021 has thus far seen you more introverted than you’re comfortable with, which has been hella exhausting. Now, you’re ready to wake up and reclaim your extroverted side– though you can still be an introvert, if that’s your thing. Either way, you’re back to being your creative, confident, super chatty self. 

     Mars in Gemini is good for Libra and Aquarius, too, but it gives you a bigger boost of mental and physical energy, so you can finally tackle all those projects you’ve been putting off!

3. Aries

     Ok, the first half of March isn’t wonderful for you, but be patient. Life is going to pick up its speed and you will once again get all the attention you so desperately crave. In fact, starting March 20th, the Sun moves into Aries and you feel reborn. Plus, Venus enters Aries on the 21st, so you’re getting a double shot of fiery dynamism, charm, drive, inspiration, and yes, attention. Sure, your fellow fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, will likewise feel enlivened by Sun and Venus in Aries, but they can’t steal the spotlight from you!

     So, hold tight and prep for your cosmic close-up… 

4. Aquarius

     Surprised you’re on this list? Don’t be. With Jupiter in Aquarius, you’re in high spirits. This is– in Robert Hand’s words, a “most marvelous transit,” because Jupiter brings opportunities and abundance. Life is working out smoothly and you’re able to expand your horizons and get all that you wish and hope for. Saturn is in your sign as well, bringing structure to your life. This is good news for Gemini and Libra, too, but even better for you. You are: rebuilding and redefining who you are, what you want, and how to get it. 

     If that doesn’t make your March, I don’t know what will. 

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