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Your 2021 Pisces New Moon Horoscope

With so many planets in Pisces, the veil between this world and the imaginary world will be thin.

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Mark your calendars for magic: on March 13th, the 2021 Pisces New Moon promises to deliver just that. At 3:21 am MT, the cosmos is serving up a quadruple dose of mutable water energy, as the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Neptune link up and create a powerful stellium in the constellation Pisces

     Simply put, a stellium is when three or more planets occupy the same zodiac sign or astrological house. They are potent aspects because the energies of the planets involved are concentrated in that one sign. In Saturday’s case, this sign is Pisces. 

     Pisces is an imaginative, compassionate, and creative mutable water sign. Pisces is also highly intuitive, with a knack for sensing and seeing beyond the physical world. 

     With so many planets in Pisces, the veil between this world and the imaginary world will be thin. Our intuition is heightened, and we are more inclined to escape and daydream. We can also effortlessly visualize and begin to manifest our deepest dreams and desires on the 2021 Pisces New Moon— especially in the areas of romance, relationships, and self-worth. Why? Because of the conjunction between Venus and Neptune.  

     When conjunct, Venus and Neptune can create magic in our personal and professional relationships, drawing people and opportunities to us. But the two planets can also cause uncertainty about our worthiness and aspirations. We can be as much inspired by Neptune as we can be hypnotized and confused. So, keep that in mind if you find yourself feeling foggy or disheartened.  

     New Moons are opportune times for setting intentions and starting fresh. This is doubly true on Saturday since Pluto, the planet of transformation and rebirth, is in soft aspect to the New Moon stellium. The combination of these energies kickstarts a new cycle of transformation and healing in all areas of life. 

     Cool, right? But what does all of it mean? Read your horoscope below to see how these planets align and work magic for you on the 2021 Pisces New Moon. 

Your 2021 Pisces New Moon Forecast

Aries ♈

     All that you dream and desire is in the process of manifesting, courtesy of Venus and the New Moon, but Neptune has you feeling lost, jilted by unrequited love. Carve out some alone time and reflect on how you can release old karma. Doing so deepens your relationship to yourself.  

Taurus ♉

     The New Moon conjures a few new goals for your hopes and dreams. It’s also a good day to join– or think about joining –a new club or organization. Venus gives you loads of charm, which magnetizes admirers. Though Neptune hoodwinks you into believing every fawning fan is your soulmate… 

Gemini ♊

     Glum about your seemingly nebulous life path? Don’t be. Venus and the New Moon work together to attract success, charm authority figures, and make your career dreams a reality. But you have to do some work: Visualize all the abundance and achievements imaginable, then surrender and watch the magic unfold…  

Cancer ♋

     Craving to get away? The New Moon sets those travel plans in motion, good thing too. New sights, new people, and new adventures will help you forgive and forget past wounds, so you can live out your biggest dreams. Hey, you might even meet a guru/soulmate along the way…    

Leo ♌

     Life and love are foggy AF; to demystify both, you must mine your emotional depths. It’s an exhausting process, but it’s also necessary if you want to manifest your deepest desires– soulmate, career, etc. Take time to invest in deepening your relationship to yourself, all the other stuff will follow… 

Virgo ♍

     Venus and the New Moon bring very personal friends and close relationships to the fore. In fact, a proposal could be in the offing. Maybe it’s marriage, a date, a (boring) business proposal; or maybe you ask the universe to manifest The One. Either way, Neptune softens your cynicism… 

Libra ♎

     Life lacking order lately? Blame Neptune, who’s making it harder to break bad habits and get your lifestyle in line. It’s true, your everyday routine has been a mess. Venus and the New Moon help you to organize the chaos and establish new priorities. Problem is, they aren’t so practical… 

Scorpio ♏

     Summon an ego boost by falling in love with yourself, playing, and having fun. It actually works to magnetize love and attention from others. In fact, with Venus and the New Moon, you easily attract admirers. But be careful: Neptune creates drama by blurring the lines between love and friendship…  

Sagittarius ♐

     Self-reflect on your home and family. Are things as ideal as they seem? Chances are, there’s room to grow. Venus and the New Moon give you insight and serenity, so you can actually fix (as opposed to run from) the problems. Maybe you get the opportunity to move or travel…  

Capricorn ♑

     Cloudy thinking disrupting your ability to connect ideas? Blame Neptune. Then, create some clarity by communicating with close contacts. You’ll be surprised by the insight your siblings, neighbors, friends can provide about your dreams. With their help (and the help of Venus and the New Moon), your path becomes clear… 

Aquarius ♒

     Attract your highest hopes by focusing intensely on them, then letting them go. Sound counterintuitive? It’s not, it’s the Law of Attraction. Neptune disrupts this process with doubts about being deserving. Venus and the New Moon pacify the arid doubts, reminding you to believe you are worthy of your wants…   

Pisces ♓

     Plug into your desires and chase those rainbows. Just remember: there’s more to life than daydreams. (You’d disagree.) Neptune has you fighting lost causes and doubting yourself, in which case, Venus and the New Moon reveal through visions and reveries how to reorient your current aims and attract real success…