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The most romantic day of 2021, according to the universe

It’s Just a Transit lends their two cents to the dreamy Venus conjunct Neptune transit.

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Move over Valentine’s Day, Sunday, March 14th is officially the most romantic day of the year, and it’s all because of a rare conjunction between Venus and Neptune, astrology’s foremost planets of love and romance. 

     A conjunction occurs when two or more planets align in the same degree of the same sign. They can be likened to a hookup: it’s a brief yet blissful alignment. Universally speaking, planets are hooking up all through the constellation Zodiac. But the 2021 Venus conjunct Neptune transit is way more than hookup. 

    “The mystical conjunction of Neptune and Venus is gently inspiring us to let go and go with the flow,” say astrologers from It’s Just a Transit podcast. “This transit brings an overwhelming joy and inspiration to explore the things that excite us.” 

     As the planet of love, beauty, pleasure, and romance, Venus is exalted in water sign Pisces, meaning its romantic qualities are amplified. This is because Pisces is the zodiac’s prime sign of universal love, a trait that stems from Neptune, the sign’s ruling planet. 

     Outer planet Neptune is spiritual, dreamy, and ultra romantic. Since it rules the water sign, Neptune is happy in Pisces, and there’s an ease in its energetic expression. But Neptune is also the higher octave of Venus, which means it takes all those Venus qualities to the next level.

     “While we’re lucky enough to have Neptune home in Pisces until 2025, this week we get an incredible surge of dreamy, free-flowing abundance, and romance,” It’s Just a Transit says. 

     Venus conjunct Neptune is like a meeting between soulmates. When the two planets align like they’ll do on Sunday, their energies blend and intensify in ways no other conjunctions can. 

     According to It’s Just a Transit, “we’re being called to free ourselves from pain we’ve been holding onto, we’re letting our dreams turn into reality, and we’re connecting to our emotions to finally feel the beauty and magic that’s all around us – and inside us.”

     With Venus and Neptune in Pisces, we want to connect deeply with others and see the very best in those around us. Our sensitivity, softheartedness, and benevolence towards loved ones surges, which helps us attract admirers and– if we’re looking –love. 

     There’s a teensy little problem: both Neptune and Pisces struggle with reality. They’re escapists in the truest sense of the word, fleeing from anything harsh, ugly, difficult, or unromantic. So, as beautiful and romantic Venus conjunct Neptune will undoubtedly be, it can also make us blind to the realities of our love and life affairs, setting us up for major disillusion and disappointment. 

    “Water signs (Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer) will all have the easiest time enjoying the energy,” It’s Just a Transit says, “but our Taurus and Capricorn friends should feel it too. Don’t worry, fire and air signs: you’ll get a boost on March 26th when Venus is conjunct the Sun– but this time in Aries.”

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