What 2021 Mercury in Pisces means for your sign

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Feeling foggy-brained? I hate to be the bearer of bad news (not true, I love it), but the brain fog will soon worsen thanks to Mercury in Pisces. Beginning March 15th through April 2nd, the messenger planet transits the mutable water sign, distorting our thoughts and everyday life. 

     If you’re unfamiliar, Mercury is the planet of communication, and it rules all forms of information exchange, from thinking, learning, and speaking, to texting, emailing, writing– you get the idea. And while Mercury is the speediest planet in our solar system– it takes just 88 Earth days to orbit the Sun –when transiting Pisces, the planet isn’t so swift. 

     Mercury in Pisces slows our reasoning, processing, and thinking abilities, so we feel mentally fatigued. There’s a conflict between our heads and our intuition. We get lost in our imaginations, as we try to figure out the unknown, and feel overwhelmed by details and too much logic. Either that or we just forget everything.   

     Do you remember that, um– gosh, what’s it called? –the, um, thing…about the planet or whatever? It’s this kind of fuzzy, indefinite speak that will pervade Mercury in Pisces. We can’t quite articulate what’s on our mind or put into words what we see/think. Instead, we sense and speak through symbols and dreams. This is great for any type of creative work, including paper-writing, but not so great for memorizing facts for midterms.

     There is a silver lining to Mercury in Pisces (apart from it being over in three weeks): it’s a chance for us to slow down and reflect. All those little details and routines and chit-chats that we experience everyday are a result of Mercury’s influence. Mercury in Pisces slows the pace of these experiences so that we can better absorb their lessons and ponder how they make us feel. 

     Naturally, how your life will slow and fog-up depends on where Mercury in Pisces lands in your chart. So, without further adieu: 

     Your 2021 Mercury in Pisces Horoscope 

Aries ♈

     Artistry is enhanced, because you’re so impressionable right now; but you create and study better when you’re by yourself. So, for now, embrace solitude. Away from all the distractions and noise, you gain insight into yourself and all the problems you’ve been hiding from. A heads up: Hallucinations may happen… 

Taurus ♉

     Thoughts shift to the future, but it looks a little hazy. You can’t hammer out all the details. Good thing you have patient friends who remind you not to freak out over this apparent blindness. Talking about your hopes and dreams with these friends give you fresh insight and incentive…  

Gemini ♊

     Gathering your ideas is hard enough already, but this is doubly true with Mercury in Pisces. Details about your long-range goals slip in and out of focus. Maybe you’re trying too hard? Think less and envision more. Or, chat with higher ups about how you can advance your life path… 

Cancer ♋

    Curious, tolerant, and receptive, this is a good time to connect and converse with people outside of your ordinary world. Attend a virtual workshop! Mental adventures like these open up new pathways of understanding, while satisfying your urge for travel). Philosophy and religion are super interesting to you right now…  

Leo ♌

     Love has cast a spell on you and the only way to break it is to obsess over something else. There are emotional mysteries in need of attention, so look inward and investigate the shadowy sides of yourself. What sleeping parts of you need to wake up? Journaling is key… 

Virgo ♍

     Vaulting expectations in love have you envisioning the perfect partner. You make lists of ideal traits just to lose them, which is probably for the best: no one can reach your high hopes, not even you. So, stop striving for perfection, and just let people be who they really are…   

Libra ♎

     Lost in the details of your day-to-day, it’s hard to get your head straight. Unnameable worries plague you. You want to figure everything out, but only plunge deeper into a mess and end up throwing in the towel again and again. Communication is chaotic. It almost feels like Mercury retrograde…  

Scorpio ♏

     Sensitivity is one of your strengths, and it’s only getting stronger. Sure, a mental fog inhibits your verbal articulation, but who needs words when you have deep emotions? Moody though they make you, these passions boost your creative self-expression. Paint or poeticize the feelings or photograph something beautiful and inspiring…  

Sagittarius ♐

     Stop worrying and share your insecurities with those closest to home. You’re not exactly a closed book, but you do get overwhelmed by your emotions (who doesn’t?), and a little talk therapy could work wonders on your nerves. When you admit to ineptitude, both restlessness and negative self-talk quiet considerably…  

Capricorn ♑

     Communication takes an ethereal turn, and words are elusive. You can guess what others are trying to say even before they say it, but don’t fool yourself into thinking this is reciprocated. People can’t sense an email or text, you still have to think it, write it, and hit send. 

Aquarius ♒

     All those little white lies you tell yourself about your worth are building into more worrisome negative self-talk. You’ll deny this self-doubt, of course, since insecurities don’t align with your bright ideals. Taking pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) will help you work through this damaging  self-delusion. Poetry beckons…  

Pisces ♓

     Pining for self-expression? Fix your wavering focus on yourself, your wants, and your needs. A trifle of self-absorption helps you realize that you’ve held back from voicing your desires aloud, and might even give you the courage to do so. The world is waiting for you to speak your truth… 

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