Your 2021 Libra Full Moon Horoscope

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     On Sunday, March 28th, at 12:48 pm MT, our third Full Moon of 2021 arrives, lighting up the sky in fair-minded air sign Libra. Known as the Worm Moon– because earthworms start surfacing out of the thawed earth this time of year –the 2021 Libra Full Moon promises to dredge up its fair share of emotional worms.

     This Full Moon is major not only because it’s a super moon directly opposite the Sun and Venus in Aries, but also because it also directly opposes– or harshly aspects —Chiron, an asteroid known in astrology as the “Wounded Healer”. 

     When the Sun, Moon, and Chiron align like this, they trigger insecurities and fears about our identities and past hurts. Optimistic by nature, Libra doesn’t like to deal with unpleasant insecurities or painful  memories– especially if they’re disruptive, which they will be on Sunday. In fact, when life gets disruptive or is infested with dissension, Libra turns icy, indecisive, and emotionally superficial. 

     The harsh aspect between Chiron and the Moon will make it impossible for us to ignore, detach from, or attempt to out-think the pains we’ve buried over the past six months. It might be emotionally exhausting, but feeling all the feels and facing the fears that surface are the only ways to deal with the intense energy of the 2021 Libra Full Moon.  

     Full Moons are a time of uncertainty and emotional bedlam. Why? Because the Moon is the luminary of the emotions. When it swells, our emotions swell with it. Fortunately, Full Moons can also offer illumination: all that we’ve been dwelling on comes to the surface and we can gain clarity about ourselves and our lives. Of course, where we gain this clarity depends entirely on our Sun and Ascendant. So, without further adieu:

Your 2021 Libra Full Moon Horoscope 

Aries ♈

     All of sudden there’s a bright spotlight on your relationships. Whether it’s your partner-in-crime, your bestie, or an adversary, issues with them come to a head and demand your attention. Nagging insecurities about how you present yourself to the world keep you from letting down your defenses. The solution? Let neither fear nor pride keep you from sincerely saying sorry…   

Taurus ♉

     The Full Moon shines a light on your routine and daily habits. Correct whatever is out of balance, be it in your work environment or physical body, to boost productivity. Chiron has brought lots of hidden problems out into the open. So, work on balancing your body and mind. Meditation, journaling, or a simple walk in the woods work wonders…  

Gemini ♊

     Generally speaking, your life goals are a touchy topic. Things haven’t exactly worked out the way you’d hoped, and you feel defeated. The Full Moon sees the completion of a group or creative project or the end of a romance, which actually boosts your spirits and makes room for new aspirations to rise. Take a risk and bet on yourself…  

Cancer ♋

     Collecting memories like seashells, you’ve inhibited your ability to move onward and upward. It’s a long-nursed habit, but clinging to the past and the people therein is hurting your progress. Release nostalgia and that need to be someone else’s hero. Instead, focus on your career goals and life path (it’s what you’re most insecure about anyway). The future is calling… 

Leo ♌

     Learn to selflessly relate to others, don’t just talk about your accomplishments. They’re alleged impressiveness doesn’t matter, you only come across as vain if not insecure about your lack of experience (a sneaking doubt you’ve tried to hide). Effective communication involves a give and take between all parties, not just you. Mastering this skill helps you make real, lasting connections…  

Virgo ♍

     Values and worth come front and center. Are you spending more than you’re earning? Does this somehow affect your worth as a human being? (If it does, it shouldn’t.) A financial issue resolves, giving you an influx of cash. Or maybe you receive words of gratitude from a loved one, which is just as valuable. Either way, self-doubt is soothed… 

Libra ♎

     Let go of your need to please others. It’s time to prioritize yourself, your aims and goals. So what if Chiron has you insecure about your close, personal relationships? The trick to outsmarting the pain is to actually feel it, don’t cover it up with buoyant delusions. (Sounds crazy, right?) New beginnings form when you release pains from the past…   

Scorpio ♏

     Solitude is a requirement this Full Moon. You need it if you want to recharge from all the stress of the semester and strategize ways to power through the rest of it. Chiron is stirring up wounds about your competency and skills. So, take time to relax by yourself and calm the constant doubts. Future you will definitely thank you… 

Sagittarius ♐

     So, life objectives are in the forefront, but you’re split. Which path is the right path to get you to your dreams? You’ve got plenty of friends who’ll listen to your indecisive rambling, so hit them up for advice. Chiron has you wincing over your creative aptitude (ridiculous, because you’re awesome), but a finished group project might qualm your woes… 

Capricorn ♑

     Confused about your life’s path? The problem isn’t the path, it’s the motivation that led you to it. Ponder whose ambitions you’re acting on– just be wary of long-standing home/family wounds bubbling up. Oh, and let go of your hidden desire to be liked by everyone and seen as such a goody-goody. It’s holding you back from real success… 

Aquarius ♒

     Are you pursuing the right degree? Does your life have meaning? I’m here to tell you it does. But to qualm the existential crisis you must come to this realization yourself. Chiron has you questioning your intelligence (silly, because you’re whip smart), so you might benefit from a road trip…   

Pisces ♓

     Prep for a psychological transformation. Bring balance to your wide-sweeping emotions by plunging into those that you consider “ugly” (Chiron adds more self-deprecating anguish about your gifts and talents.) As Jung would say, our shadows control us; once brought to light, they lose their power. So, take time to face the not-so-pretty parts of you and release ideations about perfection… 

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