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Why these 3 zodiac signs will have the best week

At least one– if not all –of the planetary transits this week are sure to shake you up&…

     The first week of April is packed with planetary movements. We’ve got Mercury, we’ve got Venus, we’ve got Mars, Jupiter, and the Moon– even Neptune is tagging along (and that almost never happens, because the outer planet can be such a slow-moving loner). At least one– if not all –of these planetary transits are sure to shake you up this week– especially if you’re one of the following zodiac signs. 

  1. ARIES ♈

     Bet you’re glad to see you’re first on this list, aren’t you Aries? Actually, it’s no surprise to you that you’re number one. In your mind you are always number one. While your confidence and self-involvement are endearing, they’re also a by-product of Aries season, which is one reason why you’ll have a great week. 

     The others? Mercury and Venus are in your sign, which further fuels your bravado. You feel unstoppable if not irresistible and want to conquer the world.  

     The best days to do this are: April 5th thru the 7th, when Venus in Aries is sextile Mars in Gemini, revving up your confidence, and making you even more assertive and playful. Also, the Aries New Moon on the 11th is basically your second birthday, so don’t waste any wishes.  

     This week is beneficial for romance, but an even smarter strategy is to use your increased charm to self-promote. Convince whoever that you’re the ideal candidate for that job/project you so badly want. They’ll be unable to resist. That, or they’ll think you so astoundingly self-absorbed it would be dumb to turn you away. Either way, you benefit! 

      (Technically, you, Leo, and Sagittarius all benefit, but whatever.)

  1. GEMINI ♊

     As mentioned, action planet Mars is still transiting your sign. If you’re a Gem, Gemini Rising, or one of the other air signs, you’ve probably noticed an influx of energy, confidence, and self-assertion. None of that is leaving anytime soon, but the target of the tolerable belligerence will shift from April 5th thru the 7th, thanks to that Venus sextile Mars transit. 

     Like Aries, this 3-day planetary transit inspires confidence, playfulness, and desire for romance. You also get a boost of creativity and energy to actually finish (or at least make major headway) on the countless projects you’ve been toiling over (including that paper for your Literature class).

     But ok, let’s say nothing of import happens on the 5th through the 7th. And on the 9th – 10th, you get down in the dumps. One option is to do as Astrology King suggests, and “not to be hard on yourself. But don’t blame someone either.” But I disagree with this advice. Blame everyone, but especially blame the square between Mars and Neptune in Pisces, because that is the main source of your discouragement. 

    Don’t worry: your spirits will lift considerably the next day, just in time for the Aries New Moon!


    You’re third on this list because the transits directly affecting your sign don’t happen until April 11th. (Technically, it’s the 10th and 11th, but whatever.)

     Not only is the 11th the New Moon in Aries, but it’s also the day when Venus in Aries and Jupiter in Aquarius form a harmonious sextile in the sky.

     This is totally tubular for you because Venus and Jupiter are cosmic buddies of benevolence. When joined together, they rain down good vibes, opportunities, and cold hard cash. Yes, you read that right: Venus sextile Jupiter can (but doesn’t always and may not in your situation) bring a financial boost. Ipso facto: you should go buy a lottery ticket. 

     Now, I do not endorse gambling, but Venus sextile Jupiter does, because both planets rule unanticipated monetary gain. However, the two planets also rule lavish spending and excess, so maybe you shouldn’t buy a lottery ticket. Actually, since neither Aries or Aquarius are known for their impulse control, you should avoid spending and gambling altogether. 

     The moral of this mini horoscope is simple: something may or may not happen to you as it relates to money. But knowing you, it’ll end up being the complete opposite. 

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