What 2021 Mars in Cancer means for your zodiac sign

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     Not a week goes by that one planet or another isn’t shifting zodiac signs or doing some crazy astrology thing, and this week’s no different: on April 23rd, at 5:49 am MT, red planet Mars shifts into cardinal water sign Cancer

     Mars is the “action” planet. It rules over all that moves and motivates us, from our energy, excitement, and efforts to our ends and goals. Mars also governs strategy and passion. Ruled by Aries and aligned with the Roman god of war, the red planet can make us gutsy, competitive, and exceedingly ambitious.  Any time you set an intention, get angry, implement a plan, or charge towards a desired aim, Mars is at work.  

     In Cancer, Mars isn’t its usual fiery, forceful self. Instead, the planet expresses its vigor in a more surreptitious and sentimental manner. But don’t be fooled: Mars in Cancer can be just as ambitious and take-charge as any Aries or Capricorn (oddly enough these cardinal signs will be most affected by the transit). The only difference is that Mars in Cancer sees us sneakily seeking out the things that give us emotional security, instead of glory or status. 

     Tenacity, resourcefulness, and the instinct to initiate all abound during 2021 Mars in Cancer. Where exactly these Martian urges will manifest depend entirely on your zodiac sign. So, without further adieu:

Your 2021 Mars in Cancer Horoscope

Aries ♈

     Assert yourself at home– believe me, you’ll need to. Family members, especially parents, insert themselves in your business and you don’t like it. There could be squabbles about your living situation, unfavorable habits, or past discretions, which leaves you wondering whether or not you should pack up and leave. Ah, but homesickness holds you back… 

Taurus ♉

     Take the initiative, Taurus! Your mental state is fixed on buying and selling, so get to it. Maybe you finally download Mercari and sell all the stuff you don’t use. Or maybe you (wisely) splurge on some business cards for your QR code skills? Either way, it’s time to take control of your side hustles… 

Gemini ♊

     Gain comes through consistent effort. You pine for success, but your fickleness keeps you from getting any traction. Mars in Cancer sets your priorities straight. Slowly but shrewdly, you fulfill obligations made weeks prior, which helps you crabwalk towards larger accomplishments and gently builds your inner strength. Occasional spells of melancholy, however, suppress your confidence… 

Cancer ♋

     Concerned about your calling? Don’t be. Mars in your sign revs up your enterprising energy. This feels like a new beginning, a chance to forge your identity and place in the world– and it very well can be! If you get over your nostalgia, moodiness, and attachment to the past. Opportunity awards risk takers…    

Leo ♌

     Limbo feels like this: wanting to act, but being unsure or unable to do so. Mars in Cancer puts you in this state of limbo so you’ll slow down and reflect. Don’t bring grief on yourself by dwelling on the past, and instead examine your attachments, commitments, and feelings. Self-reflection sends intuition and empathy surging…  

Virgo ♍

     You say you don’t want applause or acclaim, but we both know you’re lying. One of your secret dream-goals is being the hero in a work group or club. Mars in Cancer accelerates this unsung desire and has you calculating how you can reach that hero goal without exposing your true motivations. Subtlety is key…  

Libra ♎

     Long-range goals are a concern. You’re hard at work and trying to establish yourself but also unsure if what you want is really what you want or what your parents/society wants. Forced expectations are a bitch, but so is catering to them. Until you overcome your pacifism, you’re doomed to a life of regrets… 

Scorpio ♏

     See yourself in a different place or time? Mars in Cancer sees you there too, which is perhaps why you’re suddenly (yet stealthily) dreaming of (and planning) a vacation. If long journeys aren’t your jam, you find yourself soaking in the cultural arts. Concerts, exhibits, plays– they’re back and beckoning you to come back too… 

Sagittarius ♐

     Shared resources become a bit of a headache. Mars in Cancer creates conflicts about inherited monies; family members fight about wills and trusts, etc. You wonder if getting grandma’s money is a curse until you realize how much you would enjoy spending it. Either that or you finally decide it’s time to file your taxes…  

Capricorn ♑

     Crank up the empathy in your partnerships. Mars in Cancer wants you to consider the emotional POV of close contacts, an act you resent until you realize emotionally relating to others isn’t so awful. Until then, arguments are snide, exchanges chippy, and you’re in an altogether grumpy mood. (When aren’t you in a grumpy mood?)… 

Aquarius ♒

     Abilities and skills in need of a tune up? Mars in Cancer gives you a quiet boost of energy to make craft-honing part of your daily routine. Problem is, you practice/rehearse in a zig-zag fashion: on and off, on and off. Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day, because true craftsmanship can’t be rushed… 

Pisces ♓

     Push past discomfort and enjoy life in all its (Covid-limited) splendor. Mars in Cancer sees you pursuing your passions– art, sports, unwisely spending money you don’t have –all the while rousing your hunger for drama and romance. Now’s the time to download a dating app, because honestly, who doesn’t love getting compliments from virtual strangers?

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