Your 2021 Scorpio Full Moon horoscope

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     Yeah, it’s that time of the month again: On April 26th, 2021, at 9:31 pm MT, we have the fourth Full Moon of 2021. This one, a supermoon, takes place in fixed water sign Scorpio.

     In case you haven’t heard, Full Moons are times of release. The theme of release is especially important for the 2021 Scorpio Full Moon because Scorpio is literally the sign of release. It’s also the sign of purging, regenerating, healing, and transforming. 

     Think of this Full Moon as the Spring Cleaning moon. If you’re looking to root out a problem in your love life, oust a bad habit, let go of a grudge you’ve been holding onto for months, or purge bad karma, Monday is the day to do it. 

    Scorpio is a passionate sign, and the moon is the luminary of the emotions. So don’t be surprised if you feel emotionally amped up in the days leading up to the April Full Moon.  Actually, the amped up emotions might reveal the thing which you should oust from your life. 

     Mercury in Taurus is conjunct Venus in Taurus on the Full Moon as well, which allows us to think clearly about our values and what we want to attract, while also giving us the resolve to stick to our decision to release (perfect cosmic conditions for manifesting).  

     Now, what you’ll be encouraged to release on the 2021 Scorpio Full Moon and how that will help you heal and transform depends entirely on your zodiac sign, so without further adieu:

Your 2021 Scorpio Full Moon Horoscope

Aries ♈

     Let go of your dissatisfaction in your couplings. Be it in a marriage, a professional alliance, or a hookup, address the taboo and speak your truth, even if it leads to (healthy) conflict. These emotional squabbles reveal dysfunctions you’ve been ignoring for months (years even). They might also lead to a split or temporary separation… 

Taurus ♉

     Let go of stubbornness– if only for a day. Underlying issues in your romantic/professional relationships reach their peak; you dig your heels in. Stonewalling your beau (or co-worker) leads to heated accusations and more silence from you. Friends temporarily turn into foes. Butting heads is healthy, but compromise renders the results both parties seek…  

Gemini ♊

     Let go of any unhealthy habits that interfere with your work, job, or health. This means saying goodbye to vapes, sugar, salt, and/or the misuse of your free time. It takes diligence (if not some obsession) to liberate yourself from such vices, but it’s not impossible. Find the motivation and watch your life transform… 

Cancer ♋

     Let go of romantic obsessions and secrecy. Now’s not the day to be tight-lipped about your feelings. If you’re not having fun in your love life, just say it. Oh, and while you’re at it, stop pining after the one who got away. (They didn’t get away, you pushed them away.) Honesty heals your heart… 

Leo ♌

     Let go of the bad juju you’ve inherited from your fam. Mommy and daddy issues shouldn’t hold you back from the life you want to live; neither should guilt or dogmas instilled in childhood. These psychic ghosts are taking up too much space in your mind’s attic and need to be saged the eff out…     

Virgo ♍

     Let go of your self-subjugation and speak your mind. You repress intense emotions (especially discomfort) so as not to ruffle anyone’s feathers. This leads you to simultaneously resent those feather-havers and martyr yourself. Try communicating your deepest feelings: Have a heart-to-heart with siblings or your diary. Then, take a short trip, breathe, and relax… 

Libra ♎

     Let go of any judgments about your self-worth and talents. (It’s all in your head, anyway.) Better yet, give away some old possessions– clothes, books, furnishings –that you once thought defined you. Loosening your grip on material goods helps bolster your seemingly wobbly self-esteem. This also makes (literal) room for you to grow and transform…  

Scorpio ♏

     Let go of criticisms surrounding your appearance. In the words of Scorpio RuPaul: “We are all born naked and the rest is drag.” You’ve participated in the drag-called-life and tried a new look that didn’t work out. Oh well. If anyone can rise from the ashes of a bad haircut or botched facial, it’s you…   

Sagittarius ♐

     Let go of any lingering resentments. I know, you’re thinking, well, I don’t have any lingering resentments, but that’s a lie. Actually, it’s evidence of how easily you can deceive yourself. Hard feelings are some of what’s swimming underneath your optimistic nature. The rest of the unknown reveals itself if and when you get quiet… 

Capricorn ♑

     Let your guard down– if only for the day. Despite what some ‘scopes say, your emotional perception is so deep, you can see 20,000 leagues into a person. Use that psychic depth perception to your advantage. See into the soul of an ongoing group endeavor and empathize with its members. Sensitivity brings unexpected applause…      

Aquarius ♒

     Let go of your attempts to get command. Ambition is good and healthy; there’s nothing wrong with wanting to advance your place in life, but did you ever stop to wonder if being an authority figure is what you really want? If not, then authority figures (parents, bosses, teachers) make an example out of you…    

Pisces ♓

     Let go of outdated beliefs. This includes the belief that you aren’t deserving of your highest aspirations. A wise old soul like you shouldn’t accept such limiting thoughts as truth. So don’t. Instead, shed restrictive dogmas and make space for new philosophies. Either that or you can finalize a trip or mentally prepare for graduation…

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