Why these five zodiac signs will love 2021 Mercury in Gemini

Published in the Scribe

     This week, known endearingly in the college university crowd as dead weak, the universe wants us to look alive, and it’s all thanks to a minor (yet majorly energizing) planetary transit: Mercury in Gemini.

     Starting May 3rd, Mercury, planet of the mind and communication, transits perky mutable air sign Gemini until July 11th (it goes retrograde May 29th). A Mercury transit happens every month. Nbd, right? Wrong! Mercury in Gemini is a big deal because Mercury rules Gemini.

     Any time you have a planet transiting a sign it rules, the planet can rest easy because the sign aids in its natural expression. That means talking, writing, thinking, studying, test-taking, and paper-writing (all of which fall under the domain of Mercury) will be a breeze. 

     Every zodiac sign will love 2021 Mercury in Gemini. Ok, maybe not every zodiac sign, but some zodiac signs will. Alright, maybe not some. More like, four or five. Yep, about four or five of the twelve zodiac signs will love 2021 Mercury in Gemini. And here’s a shortlist of them:

1. Gemini ♊

     Naturally, you’ll love Mercury in Gemini. It puts the spotlight on you and your brain. There’s no zodiac sign that can string together a phrase or problem solve quite like you. Quick-witted and observant, you’re able to connect the dots faster than they appear. (You’re also hella flighty and nervous, but oh well.) This is especially true during Mercury in Gemini.

     Curiosity, intellectual confidence, and mental alertness are just some of the other perks of this transit. It’s basically the equivalent of seven espresso shots: you’re mentally energized and eager to speak your mind (not that you’re ever really quiet). Plus, you can easily imagine and express your ideas, write with ease, and there’s just an overall mental lightness.

     There’s also anxiety and an inability to focus, but oh well… 

2. Libra ♎

     Finally, things are looking up for you, Libra! 2021 has been tough to say the least and you are at your wit’s end. Well, all of that is about to change. Mercury in Gemini is reviving your mind and spirit with the mental vacation you’ve been craving. (You haven’t taken a mental vacation because you can never decide where to go.) 

     This is a time for discovery, exploring new ideas, and smooth-talking strangers. So go ahead and read that fantasy novel or binge-watch Hulu. Better yet, go for a stroll outside or mosey through an art gallery. Flirt with exotic strangers, then pen those strangers some poems. (Btw: you love flirting and poetry because they bring attention back to you and your silver tongue). 

     The possibilities for inspiration are endless… 

3. Aquarius ♒

     Don’t tell any of the other signs (especially 4 and 5, since they’re super competitive), but you benefit most from Mercury in Gemini. And the reason for this is simple: the transit sees you using your mind for amusement. You’re ready to have fun, solve puzzles, and play mind games. (Really, when aren’t you doing all that?) 

     Say goodbye to those true crime podcasts and say hello to Loki on Disney Plus. Seriously! Mercury in Gemini is a trickster transit that has you mentally mischievous. But watching a prankish TV show won’t cut it. No, you want to be the one doing the pranking. You also want to connect with new people and swap stories (before you prank them, of course). 

     Luck you: Mercury in Gemini also increases your popularity…    

4. Aries ♈

     You aren’t number one on this list (which you find hella offensive), but you can still bask in the glow of Mercury in Gemini. You and Mercury in Gemini are two peas in a pod. You both love to talk and interrupt people. You both love to learn new things and start new projects, but never master or finish them. You’re also both impulsive, flighty, and creative. 

     And these traits flourish during this transit, bringing commotion to your community and thought process. You’re connecting ideas, reconnecting with friends, and making new deals. (What kind of deals? No clue. I don’t know your life.) Plus, there’s just a general sense of whimsy and wonder about your everyday world that you haven’t felt for a while.

     Take advantage of this mental buzz… 

5. Leo ♌

     Like Aries, you are downright insulted that I placed you at number five on this list. Don’t worry, come June and July, the cosmos will be singing your praise. But until that time, it’s time to polish your hopes and wishes and use your brain to get some applause. 

     Ingenuity abounds during Mercury in Gemini. You create ideas much swifter than you have recently, and you’re more than eager to share them with the masses. (When aren’t you proud of what you create and eager to get a gold star?) So, take to social media! Make those memes! Friends (be they real or virtual) will absolutely love (most of) what you have to say. Make sure to edit those memes before sharing. Nothing is worse than a poorly edited meme…  

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