Your 2021 Venus in Gemini Horoscope

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     Love is in the air– literally. Love planet Venus enters air sign Gemini on May 8th, where it will gleefully glide until June 2nd.  Unlike last year’s Venus in Gemini transit, which centered on the theme of virtual relationships, 2021 Venus in Gemini is about one thing. 

     And… I have no idea what that one thing is. However, I can attempt to fill this white space with a few more words to make you think what you are reading is actually an important bit of information about 2021 Venus in Gemini (spoiler alert: it isn’t). 

     What I did just then is classic Venus in Gemini. The mutable air sign is as lighthearted and jokey as it is impish and flirty. While 2021 Venus in Taurus calmed everything and everyone down, 2021 Venus in Gemini is going to do the opposite. Gemini is the sign of communication, activity, duality, and commotion. It’s also the sign of fickleness, flightiness, and flirtation. 

     If you’ve learned one thing about astrology this semester, it’s that Venus is a planet of many things– love, pleasure, beauty, value, relating. And during Venus transits, specifically this 2021 Venus in Gemini transit, those areas of your life– love relationships, friendships, money, self-worth, amusements, etc. –will adopt the lighthearted, jokey, impish, and flirtatious qualities characteristic of the mutable air sign.  

     Of course, how 2021 Venus in Gemini will do all this depends on where the planet is transiting your birth chart. So, without further adieu:

Your 2021 Venus in Gemini Horoscope

Aries & Aries Rising ♈

     Isis and Osiris were siblings, which makes their relationship a bit complicated and weird. But your relationships don’t have to be, Aries. If you’ve caught feelings for a sibling-like person, put your passions into words. Tell that special someone how much you miss ‘em. It’ll take courage and charisma, but you’re equipped with both… 

Taurus & Taurus Rising ♉

     Were you lavishly splurging on gifts for yourself? Well, you will be. Venus in Gemini makes budgeting a fitful endeavor. You just can’t help but go on a spending bender, especially when it comes to beautiful, whimsical things. Like Aphrodite, when you see something (or someone) pretty (an Adonis perhaps?), you want to possess it…   

Gemini & Gemini Rising ♊

     Romeo and Juliet beget that whole love-at-first-sight thing, but you’ll be all about that life thanks to Venus in Gemini. The planet cranks up your charm and attractiveness, putting all eyes on y-o-u. Friends, family, and complete strangers see you as the most gorgeous and witty being alive. Relish their worship and have some fun…     

Cancer & Cancer Rising ♋

     Still pining for love? Or have past relationship issues come back to bug you? Venus in Gemini soothes misunderstandings between you and your loved ones (in this life and others), if you avoid misrepresenting yourself. Save the little white lies for your resume and honestly communicate with your partner. Deception does nothing for your karma…   

Leo & Leo Rising ♌

     Both your love life and social life are taking off like a rocket. Venus in Gemini favors big get-togethers, so do something with your group of BFFs. Or flirt with and befriend everyone on the street (unless they say something mean about your hair). Your readiness for action and community sees you speeding through connections… 

Virgo & Virgo Rising ♍

     It could be that you fall head-over-heels for a person of authority or status. But before you go all Oedipus (or Elektra), know that feelings for this seemingly mature figure will pass as fast as they come on. If Mommy/Daddy issues aren’t your thing, know that work issues smooth themselves out, so that’s cool…  

Libra & Libra Rising ♎

     A fleeting, spontaneous connection with an exotic person has you seeing stars. But before you get too obsessed with them and book the wedding venue, know that you’re only attracted to what this person represents– their different religious background and philosophies –not who they really are. Your starry-eyed interest fades quicker than a black shirt…  

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising ♏

     Finally, you can relate to others on a deeper, more intimate level. That would be true if Venus in Gemini didn’t make intimacy so fickle. One minute you’re affectionate and want to buddy-up with everyone, the next you want to be alone to brood. That, or your partner gives you the slip again and again…  

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising ♐

     Paula Abdul and Mc Skat Kat had it right: Opposites attract. They’ll especially attract you, since Venus in Gemini has you interested in people who are different from you. The idea of a partnership is more appealing than usual. It’s that balance-of-opposing-energies thing. You dig it so long as it doesn’t impede on your freedom…  

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising ♑

     Unlike other signs, you’re not looking for romance. You want a reliable partner who’ll treat your relationship like a business. Well, Venus in Gemini could very well attract a reliable worker-bee beau, but it’ll more than likely make your day-to-day routine run smoother while nudging you to lighten up and not take life so seriously…  

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising ♒

     If you’re a Danny Zuko looking for your Sandy (or vice versa), then you’re in luck: Venus in Gemini helps you attract a summer lover. And this Grease-like love may happen so fast that you move onto the next one. Either that or you just spend the transit vibing solo and confident like Coach Calhoun… 

Pisces & Pisces Rising ♓

      Your house becomes a socializing hive. I’m talking dinner dates, game nights, and so many brunches. OR you relocate to your bae’s place and do all that there. OR you eighty-six su casa and make a local dive bar or coffee joint your interim home turf. There you meet the soulmate who feels like home…  

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