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2021 Retrograde Saturn hits these zodiac signs hardest

An astrological rockslide begins May 23rd when Saturn, planet of limits, restrictions, and responsi…

2021 Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius hits these zodiac signs hardest 

     For weeks I’ve been warning you that Summer 2021 is going to be a bit rocky, and I wasn’t lying. There are two retrogrades and two eclipses. The astrological rockslide begins May 23rd when Saturn, planet of limits, restrictions, and responsibilities, stations retrograde in Aquarius. 

     Saturn is… not my favorite planet (it’s not even Capricorn or Aquarius’ favorite planet, and they’re both ruled by it). This is because Saturn transits are times of restriction, tension, and challenge. 2021 Saturn Retrograde urges us to finish (or, in many cases, start) facing the limits, responsibilities, or restrictions we’ve ignored in the past. Now, these limits, responsibilities, and restrictions are different for each zodiac sign, but 2021 Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius will hit the following zodiac signs the hardest. (Pssst. For extended Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius horoscopes, check out my podcast Cosmic Chronicles: Astrology with Cosmic Cannibal.)

1. Aquarius ♒

     Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius is sitting in your 1st House of the Personality. If you haven’t already started making major changes to your outer body and appearance, you might get more serious about doing so. Now, I’m not talking rhinoplasty or getting bangs– although bangs can be a big deal if you’ve been growing out your hair for a long time (I would know. I feel like I’ve been growing out my bangs since 2017); really, I’m talking more about major alterations that take continued effort. 

     So, no plastic surgery. With retrograde Saturn, you’re instead interested in setting new personal goals for yourself. This could mean you start going to the gym again, or you decide you want to do pull ups and chin ups, or idk you aim to hike the Incline every weekend. Or maybe– just maybe, you’ve been avoiding the inner landscape of yourself in favor of all that body beautiful stuff because it’s so much easier to control what’s going on outside of you. Well, retrograde Saturn is here to change that. 

2. Taurus ♉

     It’s a long-time aspiration of yours to have a house, where friends and family mix and mingle at a dinner table adorned with meats, cheeses, and corn on the cob; such an aspiration means you’ve got money and lots of it– oh and people who love you or whatever. Lately, you may have been more focused on the food and money part of this dream and have forgotten the friends and family part. This might need to change. 

     Retrograde Saturn is in your 10th House, so you’re working hard on your career and your ambitions (gotta make money to pay for that house). That or, you’re looking to clarify your career goals (ask yourself: do I really want to be a male model?). And boy do you feel growing pains because of this. Your parents might become a burden (when aren’t they a burden?). On the flip side, the parentals might finally let you out on your own and you have no idea what to do without their guidance. 

3. Leo ♌

     If there was ever a zodiac sign that is in love with love, it’s yours (and Libra and Pisces, but they aren’t on this list). However, your love life has felt restricted, if not downright hopeless. Flings aren’t really your thing. Don’t believe me? Look at JLo. She doesn’t date. She marries (and then divorces and then marries again and then hangs out with Ben Affleck). You’ve long had your heart set on finding that soulmate who just gets you (and by “get” I mean they worship you night and day). In 2021, this urge for a committed partnership has been especially strong thanks to Saturn in Aquarius, and it’s only gonna get stronger during its retrograde.

     With retrograde Saturn in your 7th House of Partnerships, the planet is taking another stab at restructuring your love bonds. Whether these love bonds are with your spouse, your long-time bf/gf, or your agent (whoa there Hollywood, you’ve got an agent? I’m so jealous), the love bonds will be tested. If that isn’t vague enough for you, I’ve got this: A partnership either strengthens or ends as you work on understanding the other person’s wants and needs. 

4. Scorpio ♏

     While some Bulls may be focusing too much on work to the detriment of their personal life; you might be focused so much on your personal life that your career has suffered. After all, Saturn Retrograde is in your 4th House of Family and Foundations. This means the planet of limitation and restriction wants you to take a long, sober look at your domestic life and habitual tendencies from childhood. 

     Now, the outer planet isn’t going to mess every aspect of your home life up at the same time, but it will alter one, which will have a domino effect on all the others. You might be required to take on a parental role at home or work, which brings out the Mommy/Daddy issues you’ve been harboring for years. Or you realize that your work crew is too immature for you, which unleashes a long-held insecurity that you don’t fit in anywhere– at home, work, or otherwise. 

5. Anyone with Saturn in Aquarius ♄ ♒

     This isn’t a zodiac sign (duh), but it is a planetary placement that will be hit hard by 2021 Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius. While there are a number of individuals born with Saturn in Aquarius, I’m referring specifically to those with the placement who were born between 1991 and 1994. Why? Because they are currently experiencing their first Saturn Return

     Pause for shrieks, scowls, and fainting. 

     Ok, now that we got that out of the way, we can get down to business. Actually, that’s exactly what retrograde Saturn wants you native Saturn in Aquarius peeps to do during your Saturn Return: get down to business. Now, I can’t tell you how and in what way you are supposed to get down to business — at least not without going through an entire Saturn Retrograde and Saturn Return horoscope (which I don’t want to do because that would take too long), but I can attempt to provide you with exceedingly vague unpersonalized predictions.  

     So, here goes. If you’re one of the four signs mentioned in the above list, then you already know where and how Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius will affect you. For the remaining zodiac signs struggling with your Saturn Return, I’ll give you a hint about what retrograde Saturn in Aquarius will do for you: nothing related to what was mentioned in the above list. 

     One final note on 2021 Retrograde Saturn: the transit need not be all that bad. After all, Saturn is our teacher as well as our outer planetary disciplinarian, authority figure, and Big Daddy– that sounds weird. What I mean is, there are lessons to be learned during this retrograde cycle. They may be awfully difficult to learn and cope with, and they may beget loneliness, hopelessness, or growing pains, but… Man, I don’t know how to turn all that into a positive. Oh well! 

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