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Why 2021 Mercury Retrograde sucks

The transit takes place right smack dab in the middle of eclipse season, so of course it’s go…

     Not gonna lie, the tail end of May 2021 is packed with stormy cosmic weather, and there is no transit stormier than the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday May 26th. However, since that already happened, maybe we should discuss another stormy transit: Mercury Retrograde.

     On May 29th, mind planet Mercury stations retrograde in Gemini, where it will appear to backpedal through the sky and sign until June 22nd. I’ve keyed you in on this planetary transit for some time now, emphasizing how big of a shit sandwich it will be. And why is the 2021 Mercury Retrograde going to be a shit sandwich? Short answer: Because retrogrades suck. And this retrograde especially sucks because it takes place right smack dab in the middle of eclipse season.

But there’s another reason why this transit sucks. Well, the planet rules communication and connection. That can mean the communication you share between yourself and your laptop (a.k.a writing). Or it can mean the communication between yourself and others– texts, emails, chit chats, you get the idea. Basically, Mercury rules any way you speak, write, and express your ideas in order to connect with others. However, the planet also presides over that which makes communication possible. In other words, the technology and tools that help us connect to each other and connect our ideas. So, phones, laptops, email, WiFi, Zoom, phone apps, cars, TVs, appliances, watches… 

     When retrograde, the planet isn’t functioning as it should. Instead of moving forward, it appears to be moving backwards, which causes communication and all its tools to go on the fritz. Don’t be surprised if you experience internet issues. Or your laptop gets a virus. Or you crack your phone. Or you say the wrong thing to the wrong person. Or your emails/texts/letters (do people write letters anymore?) are rife with misspellings and errors. Actually, that last one should surprise you, because you’re forewarned, so you should revise and edit those emails, texts, and letters before they are sent. 

     Astrologer and writer Trish MacGregor has this to say about Mercury Retrograde: “Follow the rule of the three Rs– review, reconsider, and revise –rather than launching anything new… Travel can be iffy– plans go south quickly and itineraries change without warning.” 

     Since this Mercury retrograde takes place in Gemini, the premier sign of adaptability, it would be wise to work on being more flexible. That doesn’t mean you should start practicing the splits; rather, it means it would be a good idea to be more open to what happens or doesn’t happen during 2021 Mercury Retrograde. If plans change, change with them. And instead of starting anything new, focus on revising old projects or projects in the works. 

     However, if your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend, or even that one dude you went on one date with back in August comes out of the woodwork and wants to reconnect, I advise you tell them your phone is broken, as is your car and/or internet. That way, you won’t fall into the Mercury Retrograde trap of reconnecting with old flames. Unless of course, you want to reconnect with them. Hey, maybe they weren’t awful!

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