Your 2021 Venus in Cancer horoscope

     Tighten those purse strings and give someone a big hug: on June 2nd, Venus, the planet of love and money, glides into cheap-yet-cuddly water sign Cancer, where it stays until June 27th. 

     Lots of horoscopes are gonna tell you that 2021 Venus in Cancer makes us a little moodier in our relationships, a little more affectionate, and maybe even more intuitive about our partner’s needs. Well, that’s just half of it.   

     2021 Venus in Cancer also has our sentimentality and stinginess surging. Get ready to rhapsodize your past as if it’s the best thing that ever was, because Venus in Cancer is all about nostalgia. Also, if you’ve been throwing away money these past few weeks, this transit of Venus through Cancer may see you clinging to your cash like Scrooge McDuck. And speaking of clinginess, Venus in Cancer makes cuddling a major priority. 

     Venus in Cancer loves to cuddle, clasp, and entwine itself around loved ones. That means less talking and more hugging, kissing, and cuddling for you and your boo. With friends, you’ll forgo going out and instead hole away at home to cook dinners together like some sitcom family. (Booze will still be there, though, because water signs love to drink.) And why are at-home gatherings more appealing during this transit? Because a) it’s cheaper, and b) it’s cheaper. Did I mention that Venus in Cancer hates to spend money? Because Venus in Cancer really hates to spend money.  

     Venus in Cancer also hates being alone, but not as much as it hates when other people impede on their privacy. So, if scheduling hangouts with friends, be sure to keep them small, because this transit prefers quality time over large gatherings. 

     Of course, 2021 Venus in Cancer means different things for different signs, so without further adieu:

Your (incredibly inaccurate and undoubtedly vague) 2021 Venus in Cancer Horoscope

Aries ♈

     Affection for your family swells like the tides. There’s so much love you have for parents and kids (should you have them), it would make an air sign puke. What may also be lurking in your heart is nostalgia for a lover who feels like home. In the absence of this person, you may decide to beautify your abode, but could skimp on buying anything too flashy, pricey, or necessary…  

Taurus ♉

     Time for a tête-à-tête– that’s French for “a private conversation between two people”. It’s true, chit chats are très appealing to you right now, and it’s all because of Venus in Cancer. The transit wants you to connect with siblings or neighbors on a mental and emotional level. Before you snort at that, consider this: conversations are often accompanied by food, and we both know how much you love food… 

Gemini ♊

     Grappling with your budget? Money seems to slip through your fingers, but your insight into deals is sharp thanks to Venus in Cancer. Really, you’re only spending on the absolute necessities: groceries, gas, glass dildos, reiki-charged yoni eggs, etc. Good thing too, you have to pay for May’s VISA bill. But just as quickly as you electronically sign the statement, you may get an opportunity to earn that money back…   

Cancer ♋

     Creative, romantic, and prosperous, Venus in Cancer has you checking off all of these boxes. Everyone– even strangers, are in love with you. Correction: Everyone, including strangers will be intrigued by you because you have oodles of charm, which you will (hopefully) use to your advantage. By that I mean, ask someone– boss? parents? –for money. They’ll have no choice but to say yes because you’re so charming and pushy…  

Leo ♌

     Love runs smooth as silk. Venus in Cancer heightens your romanticism and may bring back a lover from the past. If you’re single and mingling, any relationship that starts during this time will be clandestine to the max (at least until Venus enters your sign). Beyond that, your creativity gets a subtle pick-me-up. Stay home and love yourself–ooh, that sounds kinda naughty, but you know what I mean: masturbate constantly…  

Virgo ♍

     Venus in Cancer brings friends from yesteryear (or last semester) back into your life and you all kick it as though Covid-19 never happened (though you probably just stay in and watch Disney Plus or something). These friends, who are basically your soulmates, might even bring another friend along and… WAM, you two hit it off like Romeo and Juliet. Minus the dual ride-or-die suicide thing those two had…   

Libra ♎

     Looking for love? Thanks to Venus in Cancer, you’ll click with someone from the office (or Dutch Bros., wherever you make money). This person will likely be an authority figure, but is unlikely to wield said authority in a threatening way. This is why they’re hot! If love isn’t your priority–which, let’s be honest, it always is–money might be. Good thing your work life is running so smoothly, right?…  

Scorpio ♏

     Self-confidence spills over and pretty much everything in your life– relationships, money, school –levels out in the best way possible. The world is your oyster right now, and you intend on slurping the guts out of this mollusk so help you God. This may mean you travel somewhere exotic, meet someone exotic, or eat somewhere exotic. I heard the fajitas at Chili’s are pretty good, so maybe that’s an option…   

Sagittarius ♐

     So naturally trusting are you that you seldom suspect potential loves of anything but honest intentions. Not so with Venus in Cancer. Your intuition is powerful during this transit, which boosts your BS radar, thus making it more challenging for other people– i.e.: romantic interests and/or bank managers –to dupe you. If there’s ever a time to take out a loan or deepen a pre-existing relationship, it’s now…   

Capricorn ♑

     Commitments to your partner(s) deepen in the coming weeks. Strange though it may be for you, you’re actually thinking of the other person. Until they get under your skin (and believe me, they will). If engaged, you may decide to set a date. If single, you could attract your polar opposite or start dating one of your close friends or even–gasp--an adversary. There’s nothing hotter than an enemies-to-lovers romance… 

Aquarius ♒

     Animals need love too, you know. So, show your furry friends– be they dog, cat, badger –some extra love during this Venus in Cancer transit, and watch how the love magically reciprocates (#aren’tanimalsthebomb). Another highlight of this transit has to do with your everyday routine. Day-to-day life runs a lot smoother, but this might be because your mom suddenly intervenes and does everything– laundry, cleaning, wiping your ass –for you…   

Pisces ♓

     People are gonna be falling at your feet in adoration thanks to Venus in Cancer. You feel like the most popular person on the planet. And as the world’s most popular person, you go out more– but only if someone else is buying you drinks. Otherwise, you’re perfectly content staying home and taking a long bath. There, you pout over the fact that no one wants to buy you drinks… 

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