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Your 2021 Cancer Season survival guide

Um, what the title says, yeah?

     Goodbye Gemini! It’s been lit, fam, but on June 20th, the Sun shifts into nurturing and protective water sign Cancer, where it remains until July 22. 

     As with every astrological season, there are pros and cons to the sun’s surf through Cancer. First and foremost, it marks the beginning of Summer, which means we can all officially kick back and enjoy ourselves (though the real revelry began in Gemini season). However, in lieu of parties or road trips, 2021 Cancer season sees us adopting a gentler, more domestic mindset towards life. 

     We’re more vulnerable, more caring, more tenacious and tender. Basically, for the next four weeks, we want to hole away at home with our loved ones to cuddle and talk about our feelings. Well, ideally we talk about our feelings. In true Cancer form, we’re likely to dwell on our feelings and not say anything about them, because we want our partners/loved ones to guess what we’re feeling.

     Also, the past holds much interest for us during this time of the year, as Cancer is the number one sign of nostalgia. So, don’t be surprised if you find yourself retiring early to think about your former loves or the family you never had. These types of thoughts are par for the Cancer season course, because they feed our imaginations and need for emotional action. 

     2021 Cancer season has its flaws and shadows, too. The season can make us crabby (a nod to the sign’s Crab glyph), moody, defensive, hypersensitive, clingy, withdrawn, and stuck in the past. We can also feel shy, touchy, and fearful of change. 

     The best way to counteract the shadow side of 2021 Cancer season is to actually address what’s making us defensive, hypersensitive, clingy, withdrawn, shy, touchy, or fearful of change. Sun in Cancer heightens our feeling receptors and intuition. So, chances are, we know deep down what’s making us crabby and we owe it to our partners/siblings/roommates and to ourselves to face the uncomfortable feelings that are making us so moody.  

     The first week of 2021 Cancer season is jam-packed with cosmic weather.

     Not only does June 20th mark the beginning of summer and Cancer season, but it’s also the same day that Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, turns retrograde in mutable water sign Pisces. 2021 Jupiter retrograde isn’t something to freak over (it’s not like Mercury retrograde). In fact, it can be a positive transit that inspires us to take a deep dive into our spiritual sides and reflect on how we can best grow and change. 

     And speaking of change, Mercury is about to change its course and station direct in mutable air sign Gemini (the premiere sign of change). In plainspeak, this means come June 22nd, we can wave goodbye to Mercury retrograde! Granted, the planet will remain in its retroshade (or shadow period) for another two weeks, but at least things are moving in the right direction! In fact, Mercury will continue to move through Gemini until July 11th, when it enters Cancer. 

     It simply wouldn’t be the beginning of Cancer season without some sort of lunar movement (the Moon rules cardinal water sign Cancer, btw), and this year does not disappoint. On June 24th, the moon is full in cardinal earth sign Capricorn. What’s oh-so special about the 2021 Capricorn Full Moon is that it marks the end of eclipse season, which is good news for everyone, but it’s especially good news for Gemini and Sagittarius, because they’ve had a tough go of it lately. 

     The very next day is an important one as well. Planet of illusion and delusion, Neptune, turns retrograde in Pisces on June 25th. Again, this isn’t a retrograde to freak out over, but it does still carry some significance.

     And rounding out the first week of Cancer season is Venus in Leo. The planet of love and pleasure enters the feisty fire sign on June 27th, where it will stay until July 21st. This transit will definitely turn up the heat in your love life while stoking the fires of creativity, especially for fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.  

There are plenty of other transits happening throughout 2021 Cancer Season. Make sure you follow and listen to my astrology podcast, Cosmic Chronicles: Astrology with Cosmic Cannibal to stay up to date on them all.