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Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn direct: what it means for YOU

These three planets are FINALLY straightening out

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    Mid-October might mean midterms for some, but it’s also cause for celebration: The retrograde cycles of three significant astrological planets– Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn — are coming to an end. On Oct. 10, Saturn turned direct in Aquarius, and on Oct. 18, both Mercury and Jupiter straighten out and start transiting as they should. 

     You’re no doubt wondering, “Cosmic, this sounds really cool, but I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Well, lemme explain. 

     When a planet is retrograde it appears to be moving backwards through the sky. (Notice that I said appears— planets don’t actually move backwards, so don’t worry.) Symbolically, the apparent backwards movement signifies a shift in the way the planet affects and functions in our lives. 

     Mercury stationed retrograde in Libra on Sept. 27, and it has been busy mussing up our plans, schedules, travels and communications. The good news is that all that will be over soon. But what about Jupiter and Saturn? 

     Neither Saturn or Jupiter get a lot of action in the astro-media, mostly because they’re so slow– not as slow as Pluto, Neptune or Uranus, but they’re still reeeaaalllly slooooow. 

     The planetary speed standings are as follows: 

     Mercury is number 1, staying in a zodiac sign anywhere from 14 to 30 days. Then comes Venus, who smoothly glides through the signs at a moderate pace (every four to six weeks). Mars is in third place, changing signs every six to eight weeks. Fourth and fifth place go to Jupiter, who occupies a sign for 12 to 13 months, and Saturn, who takes even longer with his 28-month transit. 

     Retrogrades only work to further slow the planets, especially Jupiter and Saturn.

     Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance and gain; whereas Saturn rules over limitation, discipline and sacrifice. Depending on where the planets are transiting your chart, Jupiter will expand and enhance, and Saturn will give a reality check. 

     When Jupiter is retrograde, we overextend ourselves and overindulge, and issues related to spirituality or higher education become more important. During Saturn Retrograde, we meet obstacle after obstacle and easily get discouraged, not to mention confused, about making our goals– especially career goals –real. Since both planets are in Aquarius, issues related to freedom, individuality, progress and the future have also likely arisen. 

     But Jupiter and Saturn are both gonna be direct soon, so all that will vanish. Right? Eh, no. 

     Like I said, Jupiter and Saturn move suuuuper slowly, which means the pieces of our lives most affected by the two planets– career, school, expansion, self-discipline –will slowly but surely feel a lot less challenging and stuck. Still, it will be a few weeks before this takes effect.  

     When planets are direct (or prograde if you’re feeling fancy), our energy is extended outward and we live in a go-go-go state of being. Retrograde cycles encourage us to stop and think about what we’re go-go-going for and why– or if it matters at all. 

     If Mercury Retrograde has taught us anything, it’s that mistakes happen and it’s not the end of the world to have to slow down and concentrate once in a while.   

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