Your 2021 New Moon in Scorpio Horoscopes

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     Shed a tear: Halloween has passed and we must wait another year to don our creepiest costumes for no reason other than because it’s what we all do (seriously, why are costumes a thing?), but as The Weeknd has wisely instructed us through song: save your tears for another day. After all, there’s going to be a lot of feeling going on here soon. 

     On Nov. 4 2021 at 3:14 p.m. MT, we have our eleventh New Moon of the year, which takes place in impassioned water sign Scorpio. With every New Moon comes a new theme for intention setting and manifestation, and November’s New Moon theme is transformation. 

     Known as the Frost Moon, November’s New Moon in Scorpio is about getting more in touch with your feelings and using them to transform yourself, your life or your partnerships for the better. No joke, this lunation reeks of new beginnings, (metaphorical) death and rebirth and change, change, change. 

     Why? Because Uranus, the planet of revolution and sudden change, is making a harsh opposition to the Sun and Moon in Scorpio. While this opposition will create some restlessness and tension (especially for the fixed signs), it also provides us with the psychic and spiritual kick in the pants to move towards changing the things we want, need and know have to change.

     Needless to say: Tears won’t be the only thing we shed on Thursday.     

     If you’ve found it difficult to speak your truth, trust your intuition or live the life you want, the November New Moon in Scorpio is here to help you slough off self-doubt and self-censorship, peel away the stuff hiding your deeper wants and needs, and cast-off the fear keeping you from transforming into who you were meant to be. Bonus: Mercury and Venus are harmonizing our thoughts and values, which makes the whole purging process a little less stressful. 

     Awesome, right? But what does it mean for you? I was getting to that, jeez. 

Your 2021 New Moon in Scorpio Horoscope

Wait, wouldn’t you rather listen to your 2021 New Moon in Scorpio Horoscope? Of course you would, which is why I’ve conveniently made them the latest episode in my astrology podcast, Cosmic Chronicles: Astrology with Cosmic Cannibal. There you’ll find these horoscopes and so much more.

Digital Art by Cosmic Cannibal

Aries and Aries Rising ♈

     A crisis with a woman in your life (mom, partner, boss) opens a window of opportunity to intensify the bond between you or call it quits. Regardless of which way it turns out, remember: in order to begin anew, something in the here and now must come to an end… 

Taurus and Taurus Rising ♉

     The opportunity to deepen or transform your one-on-one partnerships presents itself, but you  pass it off as nbd (especially if it has to do with a lesser-liked person). Uranus is urging you to revolutionize your life goals, and this situation could put you on the path towards something completely new…  

Gemini and Gemini Rising ♊

     Get rid of the habits that interfere with your productivity and personal growth. This may mean you start a new skin care routine, vow to eat healthier, reorganize your work environment, or finally take a stab at talk therapy. Either way, the best glow ups start from the bottom up… 

Cancer and Cancer Rising ♋

     Change how you love yourself and you’ll completely renew your romantic life. It’s true, self-love is a must if you want to love someone else, but it will take total commitment. Pledge today to make yourself feel like a million bucks, then watch how that attracts love like a magnet…  

Leo and Leo Rising

     Lifestyle changes are on their way, should you set your mind on such a thing. If growing out of your family’s bad habit isn’t an appealing or challenging undertaking, you could instead investigate your deeper emotions and security needs. Just an FYI: these intense contemplations will make you edgy AF… 

Virgo and Virgo Rising ♍

     Variety is the spice of life, and you could use some of that new special seasoning to elevate the flavor of your entire existence. Food metaphors aside, invite in a change of scenery or study subject into your day-to-day. The newness will help you write, speak and think more creatively… 

Libra and Libra Rising ♎

     Look at your attitude towards money and self-worth. Do you feel worthless unless you’re earning? Of course, it’s entirely possible to build your worth and fatten your wallet at the same time– who knows, today may render an opportunity to do that exact thing. Just watch for any strings attached…  

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising ♏

     Setting intentions can be tricky unless you know what you want. You’ve known what you wanted for a while, and now’s the time to do something about it. Harness your heart and mind on that one thing that makes your spirit soar. Then ask as if it is already yours… 

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising ♐

     Sensitivity is heightened, but these fierce feelings may feel like a trap. (They are.) Rather than explore the deepest depths of your emotional reserves and the whys behind them, go diving into your fantasies. Your imagination– including past memories –can reveal more about your present and future than you’d think… 

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising ♑

     Critical much? While you love receiving applause, you don’t always enjoy giving it. Sure, nobody’s perfect and everyone has room to grow, but sometimes people need to hear something other than your criticism. Today, consider giving someone in your team or work group a compliment on a job well done… 

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising ♒

     Achievement on the brain? Your roused ambition for long-term success has you furtively rearranging big goals and expectations for your future. Rather than keep all of this to yourself, make a public list of your aspirations. When you write down what you want, you increase the likelihood of them manifesting… 

Pisces and Pisces Rising ♓

     Planning on studying abroad or are you dying to deepen your yoga/meditation practice? Today’s the day to put higher education or spiritual aims into motion. Even if you just scribble the wish in your dream journal, you multiply the chance of a dream come true by writing it down… 

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