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2021 Venus in Capricorn Horoscopes

It’s the Scrooge McDuck of transits

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     Remember Venus in Sagittarius? Well, the careless spending and hapless flirting we’ve enjoyed during the love planet’s travels through the fire sign are soon to be a thing of the past. On Nov. 5 2021, Venus, the planet of love and money, moves into conscientious Capricorn, where it will stay until March 6, 2022. (She turns retrograde on Dec. 19.)

    While it’s known for being materialistic, Venus in Capricorn is mostly… shall we say, conservative. Rather than splurging on flashy trinkets or fancy restaurants, Venus in Capricorn urges us to save our cash or, even better, invest it. Like Scrooge McDuck, Venus in Capricorn wants us to put our money to work. So, if you find yourself suddenly interested in bear markets and finance, you’ll know why. 

     During Venus in Capricorn and our expectations for romance are sky-high. Rather than hooking up with anyone who breathes, we’ll save our interest for people who are going places. Wealth, status, and achievement are just as– if not more –important as good looks and smarts. But so to is self-love.

     Venus adores having a partner, but in Capricorn, the planet prioritizes self-sufficiency and self-esteem. (Makes sense because Capricorn has a massive ego.) In the words of Venus in Capricorn native Scarlett Johansson, “you must love yourself before you can love anybody else.”

     Another major hallmark of this transit is it’s stability. While we may be more frugal than generous with our cash, our affections are deliberate and long-lasting. We’re also deeply committed to, well, commitment. Relationship status updates, engagements, and move-ins with that special someone happen more during this transit than any other. 

     Of course how Venus in Capricorn will affect you, depends entirely on your sign. So, without further adieu:

Your 2021 Venus in Capricorn Horoscope

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Aries ♈

     And just like that, a boss or mentor notices the efforts you’ve made this year, which further rouses your ambition to achieve. If committed, your partner takes a backseat to your career incentives; if single, you may fall for an authority figure who reminds you of Mommy or Daddy (ew)…  

Taurus ♉

     Trade your school books for a ticket to a faraway land. This land may be literal or it may be completely imaginary. Either way, you’ll find comfort in exotic spaces and places. You may also attract a Mr. Miyagi figure who inspires you to learn more about yoga or karate… 

Gemini ♊

     Get serious and start investing in your future. Better yet, just wait until resources (grants, scholarships, loans) from other people come pouring in. (Relatives are especially generous rn.) In romance, the itch to commit to a lover or to split and start over may be too strong not to scratch…   

Cancer ♋

     Commitment issues got you down? Venus in Capricorn helps solidify plans with your partner and makes it a lot easier to hash things out and see where they stand. This improves your mood. Still, it’s your professional partnerships that benefit most during this time. Probably because you’re suddenly so businesslike… 

Leo ♌

     Life’s little vexations are about to get less, well, vexing. Venus in Capricorn mends any issues with your workmates and sorts out any problems with your schedule, which helps you become more productive. Getting sh*t done has never been easier. By the transit’s end, you’ll feel like a boss…  

Virgo ♍

     Venus in Capricorn gives you a boost of egotism and vanity. You’re primping like a peacock and flirting like Gemini at a singles bar. Eager for applause, you may even be tempted to (once again) download a dating app. And why not? Your come-hither confidence needs an audience of admirers…   

Libra ♎

     Living space needing a makeover? Venus in Capricorn helps you beautify your surroundings, which is smart, because a lot more people are gonna be calling your house home. Or maybe you return to the place you used to call home. Either way, home and family matters run smooth as silk…  

Scorpio ♏

     Savor the little things in life– coffee in the morning, the golden yellow hue of the fallen leaves — then think of how you can exploit them. This shouldn’t be too hard: Venus in Capricorn boosts your creative brain and you may end up pitching a business idea on “Shark Tank.” 

Sagittarius ♐

     Self-reliance soars, but your income has you bugging. Where did all your cash go? Uh, hun, you spent it. But if you’re itching to earn it back, you could consider getting another job– if only for the holiday season. Who knows, you may even charm the pants off a coworker… 

Capricorn ♑

     Charm, tact, and peace of mind are on their way. With Venus in your sign, you’re the sought after flame every moth wants to fly around, so relish the attention. If you’ve been looking to spruce up your look with bangs or new clothes, now’s the time to do so…   

Aquarius ♒

     Alone time is an absolute must, especially if you’ve bit off more than you can chew in the friends / dating departments and feel exhausted by people. While alone, you may find new meaning in your past relationships or creative projects. Or you may become disillusioned by love altogether. Your choice… 

Pisces ♓

     Peer groups are hella appealing rn. You want to find your people– as long as they have the skills that will help you succeed. Call it self-seeking, but this mindset helps you stay on track towards your hopes and dreams. And that’s more important than any fly-by-night friendship (isn’t it?)… 

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