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What 2021 Venus Retrograde Means for You

Bumps, bruises, and breakups?! Mmmaybe…

     A little over a month ago a little transit called Venus in Capricorn  began. Since then, you have: seen major growth in self-sufficiency and self-esteem, saved your affection and attention for the ones who have earned it, and stashed away your cash or–at the very least–invested it in…something (bitcoin, dogcoin, etc.). Buuut if you haven’t done any of this, the planet of love and relating is ready to give you a second chance: Venus turns retrograde in Capricorn on Dec. 19, where it will backpedal until Jan. 29 2022.   

     Unlike Mercury Retrograde, which wreaks havoc on the tiny details of your day-to-day life, Venus Retrograde prefers to demolish—uh, I mean intentionally restructure—the ins and outs of your relationships, finances, and creative projects. (All of which fall under Venus’s rulership, btw.) This is especially true during the next Venus Retrograde cycle because it takes place in Capricorn, an earth sign that is high-key obsessed with building and rebuilding things. 

     2021 Venus Retrograde wants you to see the reality of your situation, not so that you can keep avoiding it, but so that you are better able to understand what you need to restructure and rearrange to make it all work. Beyond that, Venus Retrograde in Capricorn gives you a dogged determination to see things through and/or build from the ground up.

     Of course, Venus Retrograde can cause disturbances too.

     As the planet of relating, Venus wants us to connect with others, but this is near impossible when Venus is moonwalking through the stoic and self-reliant Capricorn. Rather than fight Capricorn’s innate self-reliance, instead prioritize self-love and care. Who knows, you might magically manifest your ideal partner by Jan. 29!

     Of course, if you’re in a relationship, or friendship Venus Retrograde makes it possible to find meaning and purpose in your relationships (or friendships), but you and your boo/bff may both have a stubborn resilience about keeping and/or fixing and/or ending the pairing, and compromise may prove difficult.

     Also, Venus Retrograde is never a good time for major beauty makeovers, including haircuts, facelifts, getting bangs, etc. This is because Venus rules over beauty, hair, makeup, clothes, skin care, etc. So, your best bet is to grow out your mullet–and go with the flow in your relationships or creative projects–at least until Jan. 29.

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