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Cosmic Weather Forecast: Aquarius Season

Yep, it’s here: the season of Joey Fatone, Shakira, and Oprah…

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Capricorn season may have carried us through the holidays and into the New Year, but it’s day in the Sun is done. That’s right, it’s time to wave goodbye to hard-working Capricorn and welcome in eccentric, curious and oh-so original Aquarius. 

     Aquarius season, which runs Jan. 19 thru Feb. 18, is a season of hyper-curiosity and inspiration. During this time of the year, thinking and planning reign supreme. What’s more, our need for freedom and fraternity is at its highest. With the Sun in Aquarius, we want to hang with our best buds, brainstorm plans for the future–asking what if–all, while challenging the status quo. 

     True to its unique, rebel-rousing nature, Aquarius season has its fair share of storms and sunny skies. So, without further ado, your cosmic weather forecast for 2022 Aquarius season–

     Wait. Wouldn’t you rather listen to your Cosmic Weather Forecast for Aquarius Season? Of course you would! So, mosey on over to my podcast Cosmic Chronicles: Astrology with Cosmic Cannibal and get the full lowdown on the transits coming your way this Aquarius season. OK. Now, you can keep reading.

     On Jan. 24, Mars, the planet of action and energy, enters studious Capricorn. This transit is great for organizing, building and starting new projects because Mars in Capricorn gives us an extra dash of drive and self-reliance. During this transit, it’s a lot easier to tackle big-picture projects and not break a sweat. 

     The next day, retrograde Mercury (which has been backpedaling through Aquarius since Jan. 14), also enters Capricorn. The planet of communication transited the earth sign back in December, so you should be used to its organized thinking. Unfortunately, Mercury Retrograde aims to challenge that organization with a few miscommunications and missteps. Double check your emails before sending them and make sure you don’t text that ex– at least until the planet stations direct on Feb. 3. 

     On Jan. 29, retrograde Venus finally stations direct in Capricorn (this is the last transit in Capricorn, I swear). Love energy intensifies any time Venus stations direct, so if you’ve been struggling in that area, you should feel a greater sense of ease. What’s more, any ongoing financial obstacles or setbacks could also straighten out. Click here to read exactly what Venus in Capricorn means for your sign.  

     Jan. 31 rounds of the month with a new moon in future-focused Aquarius. If you’re lagging behind with your New Year’s resolutions, this is the day to set some goals for self-improvement. Saturn in Aquarius is in close connection to the new moon, so sticking to your resolutions and making your goals a reality is a lot easier. Why? Because Saturn is the planet of discipline and structure!

     Valentine’s Day marks an important shift in the cosmos. Mind planet Mercury (finally) enters airy Aquarius, once more putting your mind on the far away future. This is a time for brainstorming and blueprinting your long-term hopes. It’s also excellent for socializing, since Aquarius puts friendships first. Expect both your social calendar and imagination to get busy real quick.  

     Two days later, on Feb. 16, there’s a full moon in fire sign Leo. Full moons are usually full of drama, but even more so when Leo is involved. Drastic moves and melodrama, especially in your romantic life are practically guaranteed. Venus and Mars are also perfectly aligned this day, which increases our need for L-O-V-E. 

     Rounding out Aquarius season on Feb. 17, Jupiter in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus are sextile. This aspect between the two outer planets is super rare and also incredibly beneficial for pretty much everybody. Jupiter sextile Uranus encourages more optimism and eagerness for change, freedom and excitement. 

     Investment, long-distance travel and higher learning (like *ahem* college) benefits from this transit–but it only lasts one day! After that, the Sun dives into Pisces and we have a whole new set of transits to deal with. 

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