Why Mercury in Pisces puts your mind to sleep

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     Feeling forgetful, slow-witted, and extra daydreamy? Well, you soon will be. On. Wednesday, Mar. 9, Mercury, the planet of communication, enters mutable water sign Pisces, where it will remain until Mar. 27. Yep, three weeks, that’s all we’re getting. (It’s not even three weeks; it’s 19 days.) And you should be grateful for it, because Mercury in Pisces is a tough transit. 

     This is because Mercury is in detriment–or uncomfortable/weak–in Pisces. Mercury is a logic-based problem-solver and schemer, but Pisces is all about creative and emotional ways of thinking, solving and planning. With Mercury in Pisces, it’s like your right brain and left brain are trying to work together while also working in opposition.

     Confused? That’s to be expected. Mercury in Pisces lives for that confusing and chaotic way of thinking. During this time, our thoughts, worries and plans are driven by our emotions, and emotions are, if anything, confusing. 

     Mercury in Pisces also slows our thinking, writing and speaking processes. Facts feel overwhelming. And it’s about ten times more challenging to keep track of everything you have to do. What’s more, conversations feel vague and little white lies replace the cold, hard truth. 

     Now, Mercury in Pisces isn’t a completely terrible transit, and it certainly doesn’t mean you won’t be able to think, write or speak (or that you’ll lie like a rug to everyone in your life). In fact, lots of celebrities, including Lady GaGa, Tom Hiddleston and Michael B. Jordan, have their natal Mercury in Pisces.

     This is because it is in the super swampy realm of the imagination, where art and feeling collide, where Mercury in Pisces functions best. So, while you won’t have an easy of a time fact-checking (or finishing) your essays, you’ll at least be able to tap into your creativity with greater ease. 

     Of course, how and where Mercury in Pisces will affect you depends entirely on your Sun and Rising sign. So, without further ado:

Your 2022 Mercury in Pisces Horoscope

Aries ♈

     Alone time is your best friend and your worst enemy. It’s great when you need to get away from people because you’re now mentally exhausted by every conversation you have; but when you are alone, you start feeling like everyone hates you or something. Psst: these hallucinatory suspicions are all made up. Psst #2: they’ll go away if you a) get more shut eye, and b) accept that you don’t wanna be around anyone RN… 

Taurus ♉

     Thinking about joining a club? Socializing isn’t a bad idea RN–in fact, connecting with people who have the same or similar ideals will give you the mental boost you need for your long-term hopes and dreams. If/When you find those platonic soulmates, be wary of gossip. And if your dream isn’t fully realized yet, avoid going all Anna Delvey on them. IG networking is one thing. Lying and stealing millions of dollars is another…  

Gemini ♊

     Gearing up to take over the world? You should readjust your career plans. Or, make some career plans. This would be easier to do if your wants weren’t so hard to pin down. Speaking of hard to pin down…conversations with your boss, parents or prof feel especially slippery at the moment. Maybe their words are loaded with cryptic symbolism. Or maybe you’re just flat-out confused and don’t feel like asking them to explain everything. Again…   

Cancer ♋

     Curious about the world? This is a good time to solidify travel abroad plans or buy yourself some concert tickets. Of course, music and travel may not be all that interesting to you. RN, there’s a strong urge to escape your everyday life via out-of-body experiences. You’re looking to try something groovy. Here’s a PG thought: rather than tripping on acid, shrooms or ~medical~ marijuana, try going for a hike or reading a new book… 

Leo ♌

     Lacrimosa means “weeping/tearful”, and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing these next few weeks: tearfully weeping (talk about redundant). Why the crying? It’s simple: Mercury in Pisces makes everything–your feelings, your partner’s feelings, how they feel about you–vague and uncertain. The confusion is hella frustrating and also makes you hella sad (since you always know what you want/where you stand). Paranoia could also beget water works, but at least your intuition is razor-sharp… 

Virgo ♍

     Vague ideas of a perfect partner may plague you. That is, instead of your usual clear list of good and bad traits, you’re seeing fuzzy pictures in your mind’s eye and having hunches about who and what it is you want in a friend/lover. (These aren’t easy to sort.) If you’re already in a partnership, then communication between the two (or three / four) of you becomes too ambiguous for your logic-loving mind to handle…      

Libra ♎

     Life lacking order? RN, your mind is enmeshed in the details of the chaotic day-to-day grind. At least, it should be. More than likely, you’ll try to escape the monotony of a mundane routine (studying, working, blah blah blah) with frequent flights of fancy. That’s fine, just know that too much daydreaming could make life even more chaotic and crazy. Keep your brain in balance by prioritizing some sort of creative activity for your to-do list…    

Scorpio ♏

     Slowly but surely, your creative muse is coming out of her shell and gifting you with divine inspiration. So, what are you waiting for? Paint that masterpiece! Write that novel or poem or paper (or whatever it is you write)! Photograph…whatever it is you photograph! (Rocks, maybe! Idk.) Point is, now’s the time to let your intuition and imagination loose on the world. If you’re not the creative type, then idk what to tell you… 

Sagittarius ♐

     Slow to process what’s going on around you? You’re not alone, though you may hypnotize yourself into believing you are alone. And abandoned. And unpopular…The list goes on. Isolation at home could either change your mind or reaffirm these bogus self-doubts. And as much as you want to get out and socialize, thinking it’ll de-funk your brain, it’s better you stay in and reflect on your feelings (I know–ew). Or, just work on working remotely… 

Capricorn ♑

     Can’t think as clearly or, um, articulately? Blame Mercury in Pisces, which makes your brain as hazy as a shaken up snowglobe. Details are especially difficult to grasp, and studying is next to impossible. Trouble is, you’ve got a lot to study and write and plan and…figure out…? Idk. But you’ll sort through it all eventually. Mmmmaybe. Mostly, you’ll waste the days zoning out and thinking of the beach or some other close-to-the-shore vacay spot… 

Aquarius ♒

     Are you interested in a new hobby? Chances are, it’ll be something creative, if not a bit strange–extreme crochet, for example. Money might also be on the brain, and you could be intrigued by the possibility of buying a new phone. That, or you want to earn more money. More than likely, you’ll stare into space thinking about all the different ways you could be making bank. If only extreme crochet wasn’t so doggone extreme…  

Pisces ♓

     Push-over no more! (OK. You’ll still be a slight push-over, but you know where I’m going with this…) Mercury in your sign gives you a little more chutzpah to speak your mind–or, at the very least, be a little less diffident when you raise your hand to speak in class. The transit also brings you a stronger desire for chit-chat. You’ll be talking and writing so much, people will be begging you to shut up…

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