Why 2022 Venus in Pisces is so magical

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     Ready to get more sensitive, creative and romantic? On Tues. Apr. 5, love planet Venus enters dreamy water sign Pisces, bringing with it a surge of compassion, artistry and sentimentality. This third Venus transit of 2022 promises to make some magic.

     As I’m sure you know by now, Venus is the planet of love and money (both spending and earning). Venus is also the planet of socializing, harmony, flirting, beauty / fashion annnnd partnerships. In Pisces, Venus is exalted– which basically means its energies can flow with the utmost grace and ease, and that the planet is operating at its highest level. 

    This is because Pisces is the zodiac’s premier sign of idealism, selflessness and compassion. It’s also a sign of sensitivity, creativity and romanticism. Pisces is essentially living the life that luxury-loving, partner-needing, idealistic-and-harmony-seeking Venus wants to live. 

     During Venus in Pisces, we’re in love with love, our empathy reserves are at their highest and our imaginations feel fertile AF. It’s also ten times easier for us to all get along with our loved ones. With this transit, we can feel like we’re living in a fairy tale. 

     There’s just one teensy problem: Venus in Pisces has issues with setting and keeping boundaries, being too tolerant, escapism and martyrdom. Oh, and money might be difficult to manage, since Venus in Pisces prefers to live in a fantasy world than face the ugliness (or poorness) of reality. Case in point:

     That’s right, with Venus in Pisces, we’re donning flower crowns, fairy wings and magic mushrooms to frolic in the trippy gardens of our minds– at least until May 3, when Venus enters Aries. 

     Oh, but I’m getting ahead of myself here. You still need to know how and where you will experience the super chill and dreamy vibes of Venus in Pisces. So, without further ado–

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Your 2022 Venus in Pisces horoscope

Digital Art by Cosmic Cannibal

Aries ♈

     Abandon your ego and aim to selflessly give yourself to those around you. Just be sure to give yourself plenty of alone time. Venus in Pisces makes you simultaneously long for solitude and companionship, but it also makes you highly sensitive and creative. Feel your feelings and journal til your pen runs out of ink…  

Taurus ♉

     TikTok fame could be just around the corner. Venus in Pisces makes you hella alluring to the masses; a video of yours could go viral! Equally likely: you receive flashes of insight into your finances, and may finally figure out how to turn those likes into dollar signs or make your wildest dreams a reality…

Gemini ♊

     Gather your thoughts and stop tormenting yourself with “if onlys”: Venus in Pisces helps you make your dreams a reality – and also make some beaucoup bucks in the process. Offers for jobs in the creative arts may be just around the corner, though you may get confused about your long-term goals or course of study…  

Cancer ♋

     Captivating your interest is an intense wanderlust you can’t resist. Venus in Pisces has you itching to explore the world at large and expand your horizons. Expect to splurge on travel or concert tickets, or maybe a yoga or ayahuasca retreat. Any sort of adventure or trippy experience (mushrooms, for example) are hella appealing RN… 

Leo ♌

     Love becomes a mystical experience. Venus in Pisces has you craving spiritual union with your romantic partner, and brings a sense of ease in any business affairs. In your search for deep emotional connections, be careful that you don’t stir up drama just for the sake of it. Other people’s money effortlessly flows to you… 

Virgo ♍

     Venus in Pisces sees you looking for perfection in your partnerships– romantic, business, etc., but you may form a few unrealistic expectations. This could set you up for disappointment if you’re not careful (and you’re nothing if not careful). Avoid falling in love with everyone, and don’t spend all your money on one hot date… 

Libra ♎

     Loving those sweets? Venus in Pisces has you yearning for stress relief, which may mean you eat more sugary treats. NBD. Sometimes you need to treat yourself to bonbons while soaking in an epsom bath. Just watch that you don’t spend too much time pigging out in the tub. You could lose track of life… 

Scorpio ♏

     So, this transit is lit for you. Venus in Pisces heightens your desire for romance and amusements, while summoning your creative muse. This is the time to go out and get crunk with your besties, take a billion selfies, flirt til you drop or write a short story. Everything fun is on the table…

Sagittarius ♐

     Sensitive much? Venus in Pisces thins your skin, making you hella responsive to just about everything, which is why you may find yourself staying home a lot more. Family interactions should be more peaceful and easy-going; it may feel like you’re living life like a sitcom. That, or you binge “Full House” reruns on Hulu…

Capricorn ♑

     Compassion is not always easy for you, but Venus in Pisces makes it a cinch (for a spell). Deepened emotional connections with siblings or sibling-like friends have you pondering the meaning of love (or reading about the Love Languages). That, or you seek to escape the sap and take a short trip to Dream Lake…  

Aquarius ♒

     Assets like bitcoin / grimace coin could (finally) add to your liquidity. Venus in Pisces blesses your finances, helping money flow more easily to you, which raises your personal stock. Be sure to keep an eye on your spending, though. Don’t let it outweigh what you’re earning. Otherwise you could end up like MC Hammer (#bankrupt)… 

Pisces ♓

     Prep for the flood of compliments coming your way! Venus in Pisces dials up your charm and attractiveness, and makes you creative and flirty AF. So, write those poems, give that cute Dutch Bros. barista your digits, and if you feel like getting bangs, know they’ll look AMAZING (at least until they start growing out)…  

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