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Cosmic Weather Forecast: Gemini Season

It’s gonna be sooooo sunny, too

  Say goodbye to the sensory loving vibes of Taurus and let your curiosity and conversations run wild. The Sun has entered airy Gemini and life is about to get even better. Gemini season, which runs May 20 thru June 21, is a season of questioning, moving and connecting. 

     It’s true, during Gemini season, we’re more apt to put two-and-two together. This might mean you set up your bestie with another bestie a la The Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger (a Gemini herself) or you link one idea with another idea before realizing that both ideas are GREAT and that you have to share each of them with everyone you know. 

     Yep, urgent communications and “OMG you have to SEE this” texts are par for the course during Gemini season. So too are short-lived dives into random topics, reading new books but likely not finishing them, texting / talking nonstop and exploring the world around you. Just remember, there are always two or more of everything when Gemini is involved. Just look at famous Geminis: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Venus and Serena Williams, Johnny Depp and his multiple personalities, etc.

      In true Gemini fashion, Gemini season is wasting no time with the planetary transits and ingresses (fancy word for “the arrival of the sun, moon, or a planet in a specified constellation or part of the sky” Thanks Oxford Languages!). So, without further ado:

Your Cosmic Weather Forecast for 2022 Gemini Season 

     Wait. Wouldn’t you rather listen to your Cosmic Weather Forecast for Gemini Season? Of course you would! So, mosey on over to my podcast Cosmic Chronicles: Astrology with Cosmic Cannibal and get the complete lowdown on the transits coming your way this Gemini season. Ok. Now you can keep reading. 

     On May 22, retrograde Mercury re-enters Taurus, further slowing our thoughts, plans and emails. (I sent a job application to an email that didn’t exist and I’m still getting alerts from Google. Just delete the message, GMAIL, damn.) 

     Just a few days later on May 24, Mars, planet of action, energy and ~urges~, enters fire sign Aries. Now, Aries is Mars’ home sign–its zodiac homie or home slice, if you will–so our energy levels, sex drives and entrepreneurial spirits will be at record highs. 

     During Mars in Aries we are in hot pursuit of anything that gets our blood pumping and passions stirring. Physical exercise is a must. 

     Beginning May 28, love planet Venus enters Taurus, where it will stay until June 22. Venus rules Taurus, so it should be an easy transit. 

     Venus in Taurus loves a few choice things: food, sex, food, nature, sex and any and everything that feels soft or smells delish. Expect lots of lazy days at home, at the beach or at the park where you indulge in nature and/or gorge on tacos. 

     The Gemini new moon on May 30 is our first new moon since eclipse season, but it isn’t all clear skies. Mercury is retrograde, which will delay any plans you’re making or intentions you’re setting. Still, the planet is also sextile Neptune in Pisces and square Saturn in Aquarius; this gives us the inspiration and the realistic determination to get sh*t done. 

     Mars and Jupiter in Aries are in a tight conjunction (also making a loose sextile to the new moon), so enthusiasm and excitement will increase dramatically.

     More good news: Mercury stations direct in Taurus on June 3 and communication begins to smooth out before the planet re-enters its home-slice sign, Gemini, on June 13. Buuut beginning June 4, Saturn, the planet of restriction, limits and responsibility, stations retrograde in 25° Aquarius.

     Retrograde Saturn urges us to take a closer look at the structures (and limits) in our lives. By the transit’s end you may decide that a relationship, a job or a hairstyle just doesn’t suit your lifestyle anymore. (I mean, mullets were a hot hair trend, but are they still?) 

     Last but certainly not least in this Cosmic weather forecast is the Sagittarius full moon on May 14. Fire is the dominating element on this full moon. Not only is it occurring in a mutable (i.e.: uncontrollable) fire sign, but fiery Mars and Chiron are conjunct in fire sign Aries, which could exacerbate feelings of insecurity surrounding your ego, identity and/or current goals. 

     Then, the Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st and you have a whole new set of transits and ingresses to look forward to (or fear, if I’m being real, because Cancer season will have us all a little tetchy and afraid of just about everything). Enjoy Gemini season while you can. I know I will.