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The 2022 Cancer new moon is grrrreat (for these signs)

Tony the Tiger would agree.

     Ready to hitch a ride on the gravy train? On June 28 at 10:52 p.m. EST, we have our seventh new moon of 2022, this one in money-loving water sign Cancer, and it’s one of the best new moons of 2022.

     As this (incredible and amazing) article (by yours truly) says, “New Moons are the best days to plant seeds– both metaphorically and literally. Since they mark the beginning of the lunar cycle, they are often associated with new beginnings.” Opportunities for growth and change (like, say, a new job or creative venture), as well as new projects and new possibilities are all to be expected on new moons, but especially so for this 2022 Cancer new moon. 

     Venus and Jupiter are sextile, making this new moon a primo day for your relationships and wallet, as well as your long-term education / travel / spiritual aspirations. In other words, expect something in one of these areas to grow and get groovier. 

     But wait, there’s more. 

     Cancer is a cardinal sign and cardinal signs love one thing most: starting something new. Cancer especially loves starting new things so that these things can be nurtured and grow into something that will make Cancer lots of money and make Cancer’s mom proud. (Seriously, Cancer loves Mom and money. Don’t believe me? Ask one about either and see what happens.) 

     Bonus: there are lots of sevens on this Cancer new moon, which make it even more abundant than other new lunations. The Sun and Moon are conjunct in the water sign at 7° and 22 minutes; Venus and Jupiter are sextile also at 7°, which means Jupiter is square both the Sun and Moon at 7°.

     In numerology (and pretty much every ancient religion and/or spiritual practice), seven represents completion or perfection (think: seven days of creation; seven chakras, etc.). So, whatever new opportunity you’re seeking to attract, or whatever new beginning you’re aiming to make in your relationships, finances or life, expect it to be damn near perfect when it arrives into your life.

     And while all of us can use this 2022 Cancer new moon to our benefit, the following signs won’t have to work hard to reap the rewards. So, without further ado:

Your 2022 Cancer New Moon Listicle Horoscope Extravaganza

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1. Cancer ♋

     Of course you’re on this list, Cancer! The new moon in your sign is like a second birthday, so make a big wish and ask yourself: What is it that you want most of the next six months? A new job / car? More money? A guide for getting through the day without getting mad/sad/hurt by others? Whatever it is you want, ask for it like it’s already yours… 

2. Gemini ♊

     Soooo you’re probably wondering, “Cosmic, why am I on this list?” Three words: Venus in Gemini. This new moon, the love planet is making a super snazzy sextile aspect to Jupiter in Aries, and you’re feeling hella charming, arty, witty and a little bougie because of it. The more you focus on these positive, aren’t-I-an-abundant-goddess vibes, the more you’ll draw more good stuff to you, your relationships, your cryptocurrency investments…   

3. Aries ♈

     Gemini ain’t the only sign benefiting from Venus sextile Jupiter this new moon. Jupiter in Aries (which is also squaring the new moon) is creating oodles of opportunities for you to attract more wealth, more opportunities for advancement, travel, expansion, etc. As such, you could: nab a sought-after job/internship, have an OBE after sipping on ayahuasca tea or win big betting on the Guardians vs. Twins game on DraftKings… 

4. Libra ♎

     The Cancer new moon is not only giving you some major initiative to a) make more money and b) get a better job / home, but Jupiter in Aries (which is opposite your sign) is also working to attract the opportunities that allow you to do both! Will all this happen right away? Hell no. Buuuut this is the time to put your intentions out there and get ready to receive… 

5. Capricorn ♑

     You’re probably already itching to initiate a new project / entrepreneurial venture (since you’re such a hustler). Good news: the 2022 Cancer new moon is sitting in your 7th House of partnerships and it’s helping you scratch this itch-to-initiate by bringing new opportunities for a dynamic-yet-compassionate partner who can help you bring your project / venture to life. Even more amazing: sparks could fly and you two could become a power couple…

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