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Your Mars in Taurus and Mercury in Cancer horoscope

Get ready to grab the bull by the horns and zigzag like a crab.

     Tired of zooming through your goals and skimming the surface of your interests? 

     On July 5, Mars, the planet of action and energy, enters steady and placid earth sign Taurus, and mind planet Mercury shifts into sensitive and reflective water sign Cancer. WHICH MEANS your energy levels and enthusiasm for success, as well as your communications and concentration are about to stabilize and slow down considerably. 

     This need not be a bad thing, though. Tbh, we could all benefit from slowing down and stabilizing our goals, especially if we’re trying to make more $$$.  Which is exactly what these two transits want us to do.

     Low-risk, high-yield pursuits are often what attract us during Mars in Taurus. So too are goals related to pleasure, creature comforts and material assets. During this transit you’re more concerned with building your bank and achieving long-term success, than you are racing ahead towards an exciting unknown (at least until Aug. 20). 

     Determination, stubbornness and resolve are the hallmarks of Mars in Taurus, but it might be hard to find motivation right off the bat– unless, you know, there’s a tantalizing reward. Like, say, a coupon for an all you can eat meal at Golden Corral.

    It’s true, Mars in Taurus does make us more materially-and-sensory minded. So too does Mercury in Cancer. In fact, both transits will have you concentrating on building your bank and achieving long-term security and success. 

     Still, 2022 Mercury in Cancer isn’t all about the benjamins (that’s a throwback to the 2002 action-comedy film starring Ice Cube and Mike Epps, in case you were wondering).

     Mercury in Cancer will send your intuition, sensitivity and imagination surging. Reflective, introverted and impressionable, memories of the past (along with worries over the future) will dance in the ballrooms of your mind. During the next few weeks, you can expect to think about and romanticize the hell out of the past a la Lana Del Rey– but only for a short time. Mercury moves into Leo on July 19. 

     Oh, but I’m getting ahead of myself here. You need to know what Mars in Taurus and Mercury in Cancer are doing for you RIGHT NOW. So, without further ado:

Your 2022 Mars in Taurus and Mercury in Cancer Horoscope

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Aries ♈

     All of a sudden (it seems) you’re focused on money. Mars in Taurus propels you to spend more, earn more or save more so you can get a new car or whatever. That, or you start buying and selling NFTS. With Mercury in Cancer, you’re inclined to stay home and reflect on your family and how much staying home with your family drives you crazy…

Taurus ♉

     Though it might make you combative, the barrage of energy and fortitude that Mars in your sign brings is exactly what you need to chase/achieve your goals, whatever the hell those goals are. Mercury in Cancer centers your mind on everyday communications–texts, emails, phone calls –while sharpening your intuition. Like Miss Cleo, you’ll sense who’s about to call you before they dial your digits… 

Gemini ♊

     Ghostwriting (or a similarly anonymous / behind-the-scenes pursuit) could be in your immediate future. Mars in Taurus gives you the incentive to buckle down, stay behind closed doors and– as Rihanna says –werk, werk, werk, werk, werk, werk. Concurrently, Mercury in Cancer helps you rake in the dough writing, speaking, podcasting or doing something with your intuition. Maybe you freelance as a gypsy or psychic. Idk…   

Cancer ♋

     Conquering social media – TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram – is a lot less intimidating. Mars in Taurus gives you the courage and vigor to start making and posting content on the regular. (You might also start profiting from doing so.) Mercury in Cancer grants you the ability to speak your mind without getting (too) defensive. This is good news for your relationships, Twitter feed and your poetry journal… 

Leo ♌

     Looking for a promotion? Mars in Taurus motivates you to pursue any and all professional goals with a bullish tenacity. One teensy problem: keeping your ego in check (that’s an eternal problem). Mercury in Cancer makes you hella sensitive to ~imagined~ slights and ten times more likely to lash out / bitch and moan. Expect to lick your wounds by your lonesome and journal until dawn… 

Virgo ♍

     Vrbo might be your new obsession. Mars in Taurus makes a traveler out of you, but you’ll only tear up the miles if you know there’s a plush bed waiting for you. Mercury in Cancer has you scouring all the wondrous travel apps so that you can score some cheap airline tickets and eventually pollute your Facebook / IG with SO MANY road trip pics… 

Libra ♎

     Loans and investments–bank loans, car loans, cryptocurrency stocks, etc.–could see a surplus of activity. So too might your desire for ~private time~ with your hunny. Mars in Taurus simultaneously increases your lust for money, power and passion. Meanwhile, Mercury in Cancer sees you cautiously communicating (i.e.: discreetly arguing) with higher ups about a promotion or pay raise, or wistfully thinking about past jobs… 

Scorpio ♏

     Significant others are either hella appealing or irritating af. If single, securing a business/romantic partner becomes a major priority. If taken, you and your partner kick things up a notch annnnd argue like a married couple. At the same time, Mercury in Cancer has you thinking about the cheapest way to explore the psychic life. I’m talking: discount reiki healing sessions, pay-what-you-can seances, etc… 

Sagittarius ♐

     Sound healing could become your go-to stress reliever. As your daily routine gets a nitro boost of activity, Mars in Taurus pushes you to pursue a more creative mental health routine. While Mercury in Cancer helps you mine the stock market to find the bitcoin that’s right for you. Or you get all Twilight and, with angst, confess your undying devotion to your S.O.

Capricorn ♑

     Channel surfacing on the couch? Yes, please. Mars in Taurus makes you excited about the laid-back luxuries of life: Netflix, eating (but not cooking), and all those arty hobbies you low-key love (knitting? You betcha!). Mercury in Cancer helps you open up to your partner, provided they open up first; ain’t no way you’re putting your feelings out there without a safety net. Just saying…  

Aquarius ♒

     Are you thinking about moving? Mars in Taurus motivates you to say sayonara to your current abode and look for better/cheaper/swankier digs. (This could cause drama with your mama.) If moving ain’t your bag, getting your sh*t together might be. Mercury in Cancer brings some insight into your day-to-day routine, and it’s much easier to notice–but not change–what isn’t working for you… 

Pisces ♓ 

     Preoccupied with writing, speaking and communicating? Mars in Taurus accelerates your yearning for connection, upping your average amount of daily correspondence (texts, emails, etc.). It’ll feel like all you’re doing is talking. Good thing Mercury in Cancer focuses your ever-wavering attention on your heart’s passions. Creative projects and/or emotionally-charged love affairs are front and center. Time to write that love letter or romance novel…

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