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Mercury enters Leo 2022

Get ready for lots of selfies and self-promotion.

     Cat got your tongue? On July 19, mind-planet Mercury enters feisty and focused fire sign Leo, flaming up your communications, interactions and day-to-day life. (At least until Aug. 4)

     If you read my article about Mercury, then you know that Mercury rules writing, learning, speaking, tech and communications, including texts, DMs, phones, apps, etc. Which makes this 2022 Mercury in Leo transit just as important as any other Venus, Mars or Moon transit. 

     What makes Mercury in Leo so special and important? 

     Um, I can’t believe you asked that. LEO is what makes 2022 Mercury in Leo so special and important. DUH. Leo is the zodiac’s big cat, the ruler of the jungle, the world, and the universe. And don’t you forget it. Moving on. 

     With Mercury in the sign of the Royal Lion, you can expect to give and receive the following: 

  • monologues about one’s importance
  • dramatic speeches / lectures about one’s impressive abilities, awe-inspiring achievements and amazing hair
  • words of affirmation (especially in regards to one’s hair)
  • lots of selfies because one has many great hair days. 

     2022 Mercury in Leo also gives you the courage and confidence to speak your mind, pursue your passions and entertain the hell out of everyone with bold ideas and funny anecdotes. So, grab that podcast microphone and share your story, take to TikTok to shake it for your followers, and don’t shy away from self-promotion (this transit is really great for that. Seriously, come July 23, when Mercury trines Jupiter in Aries, you could go viral.) 

     Of course, how exactly 2022 Mercury in Leo affects you depends entirely on your Sun / Rising sign. So, without further ado: 

Your 2022 Mercury in Leo horoscope

Aries ♈

     Creative ideas overfloweth, and your Pinterest serves as proof. Grabbing your attention are your fave arts-n-crafts hobbies. Whatever your preferred crafty medium is – writing, bow-making, doodling, pottery – you should take time to have fun with it and let off some serious steam. Entertainment is another great outlet. You could become borderline obsessed with a Netflix series and then go make a series of your own… 


     Doubts and nostalgia claw at your mind, making it hard to concentrate on much beyond your emotions, your home and/or your family. (Plus, you’re moody and hyper-sensitive to insults.) Verbalizing your feelings to your fam is easier, though you might be a bit blunt with what you say about how they hurt you. Hey, at least your imagination is fertile and your intuition sharp… 

Gemini ♊

     Writing is a cinch thanks to Mercury in Leo. You’ve got not only the focus to finish any post idea you start, but also the mental motivation to think fast, furiously and oh-so cleverly. If you have a podcast, website or TikTok, now’s the time to blow it up with brand-spanking-new content and get your name out there. Oh, and don’t forget the good-hair-day selfies… 

Cancer ♋

     Crypto could be your new fixation. Mercury in Leo gives you a fiery excitement for money-making schemes, especially ones that magnetize big moolah or allow you to profit off your ideas. So, mine that crypto. Better yet, make a million-dollar NFT. (It could happen!) Really, to make the big bucks, you’ve gotta build your confidence. Which is why you should look into abundance affirmations too… 

Leo ♌

     Running through your head are many new/exciting goals, and Mercury in Leo says it’s high-time you pursue them. Also on your mind is your brand identity. You’re obsessed over your look WHICH MEANS you could decide to get bangs. (Yeah, I said it: BANGS). Or you get another haircut and start a new trend. (This horoscope seems targeted towards me for some reason)…

Virgo ♍

     Mercury in Leo has you simultaneously tired of the spotlight but also aching to be seen. Which makes these next few weeks a good time to rest, reflect and journal about your struggle. Or perhaps you make up a pen name and start writing content anonymously. This way, you can a) get noticed and b) remain unseen. Question is: what will your pen name be?  

Libra ♎

     Like Gemini, you’re focused on getting your brand out there. But unlike the Twins, you’re not just doing this for you. Your long-term hope / wish / dream is to bring art and entertainment to the masses. Guess what? There’s this thing called social media, and it can help you do that. If you post consistently, which Mercury in Leo helps you do. So there ya go… 

Scorpio ♏

     Boasting about your worth and bossing people around are favorite past-times of yours, so you might look into doing ‘em professionally. JK, although professional goals do occupy your thoughts these next few weeks. Consider broadcasting your career coups via a carefully crafted (and tastefully dramatized) CV or resume instead of at the office, and you, dear Scorpio, might get the leadership position of your dreams…  

Sagittarius ♐

     Adventure awaits! Mercury in Leo has you fervently fixating on travel plans so that you can act like Indianna Jones and explore uncharted worlds. If you’re up for a pilgrimage, you could chase after your publishing ambitions (should you have them). Better yet: how about you travel somewhere and start writing about your travels and become a famous travel writer? Sounds like a solid plan… 

Capricorn ♑

     Mercury in Leo furthers your focus on money and paranormal activities. So, don’t be surprised if you find yourself mining more bitcoin, communing with the dead or investigating UFOs. There’s a market for an occult-finance guru and you, Capricorn, could strike gold in it. Yes, I’m saying that you could be the next Miss Cleo, should you start over-the-phone Ouija board readings RIGHT NOW.… 

Aquarius ♒

     Someone’s getting sassy, saucy and straight-up shady with their S.O. We both know you believe in spilling the T, but Mercury in Leo could push you to throw too much shade and wound your partner’s pride. That, or the situation reverses. In either case, sincere words of affirmation and a few compliments like, “hey, your hair looks great today” will help unbruise the ego…  

Pisces ♓

      Feeling lazy lately? Mercury in Leo may have you fixated on boosting your productivity, giving you the genius idea of adding a regularly set play time to your day-to-day routine. This chunk of frolicsome time could be just what you need to increase your creative output. It might also take over your days, as you’re not one to discipline your time. So, watch for that…

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