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Dua Lipa’s birth chart proves why she’s so famous – and yours could too

The Astrology Degree Theory tells us why

     You know her songs. You know her music videos. You know that she’s a critically acclaimed English songstress who’s won a ton of awards (including two Guinness world records). But what you might not know about Dua Lipa is that she was pretty much destined for fame. And her birth chart proves it because she has several placements in what’s known as the fame degree

     Hopefully by now you know that a birth chart is a snapshot of the heavens taken at the exact time of your birth. It shows the sign and house placements of the 10 planets, as well as key chart aspects, including the ascendant, midheaven and north node. And while all of these chart components – planets, signs, houses – should be in the conversation when you’re talking about the astrology of fame, so too should their degrees

     That’s right, one of the most important, but often overlooked, factors influencing your birth chart is the degrees of the planets, houses and celestial bodies. 

     There’s a snazzy theory called the Astrology Degree theory, coined by astrologer Nikola Stojanović, and it categorizes the zodiac signs and their degree associations:

    It is known in the astrology world that a few sets of degrees from this chart impart fame. We call these the FAME DEGREES. And you see them time and time again in many celebrities’ charts, including the birth chart of the one and only Dua Lipa. But before we dive into Dua Lipa’s fame, let’s make it clear: 

     The birth chart reveals to us potential, but not necessarily promise. Fame is neither assured nor denied in the birth chart. Yes, the following “fame degrees” are present in a number of celebrity birth charts, but they are not solely what make them famous. Fame degrees signify the birth chart’s need for fame, but it doesn’t mean fame is guaranteed. Also, just because you don’t have one of these degrees doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t do something in your lifetime!

     Got it? Good. Now we’re onto the good stuff. 

The Astrology of Fame

     The first set of fame degrees are called (you guessed it):

The Fame Degrees, and they are 5°, 17°, and 29° 

     As the degree theory shows, the 5th, 17th, and 29th degrees are the Leo degrees and they are the I-easily-attract-attention-and-effing- love-the-spotlight degrees. And here’s why: 

     Leo is a fixed sign, meaning it’s good at attracting attention and admiration. Ruled by the Sun and ruling over the 5th House of fame, renown, popularity and stardom, Leo is also very comfortable in the spotlight, and wishes to shine on everyone around them, attracting attention, admiration and praise. This is the sign of entertainment, entertainers annnnd popularity. 

     Thus, any planet or chart placement in those Leo degrees– 5°, 17° or 29°–(regardless of sign) magnetizes attention and adulation to it, and makes the person entertaining and/or popular. This brings us back to Dua Lipa. 

     The 29° is the placement we see most in Dua Lipa’s birth chart. The singer has her Sun (the planet of the identity) and Venus (the planet of music, fashion and creativity) at 29° Leo. 

     Now, having two placements in the 29th and in the sign of the degree (Leo) quadruples Dua Lipa’s propensity for fame. Which explains why she’s known the world over for her personality (Sun) and her music, beauty and fashion looks (Venus). 

     What’s more, Dua Lipa has her North Node in 29° Libra. The North Node is the celestial body of one’s higher calling, their destiny. And Venus-ruled Libra is another sign associated with music, fashion and the arts. Ergo: Dua Lipa’s destiny is to be a famous singer. Which she is.  

     Still, she’s not necessarily a household name. (Don’t believe me? Ask your Dad or brother who Dua LIpa is and see what they say…) This is largely because the singer doesn’t have any birth chart placements in what are called the:

Household Name degrees, and they are: 4°, 16°, 28° 

     These are Cancer’s degrees, and they correspond to a different type of fame than the 5, 17 and 29. That’s because Cancer rules the 4th House of the households (duh), public opinion and nostalgia. Thus, planets in one or all of the Household Name degrees generate a type of fame and attention that makes a person part of the public’s opinion, a nostalgic renown. 

Here are a few household degrees and names you might recognize: 

Kim Kardashian (ew, I know) has her Sun, Moon, Jupiter and MC (midheaven) at 28°. PLUS, she has her North Node and Chiron at 16°. Whether it’s through her relationships, her family or her various clothing brands, it’s hard not to hear about Kim K every day.  

Michael Jordan has his Sun at 28° Aquarius and his North Node at 28° Cancer. Jordan was the most popular and decorated NBA player in the 90s, but he was also famous off the court thanks to his endorsements with Nike, Gatorade and McDonald’s. And remember Space Jam? NBA players weren’t in feature films before MJ. 

Oprah Winfrey has her Moon at 4° Sagittarius and her Jupiter at 16° Gemini, and she has been a household name since the late 1990s, thanks to her talk show, magazine and book club (Gemini rules writing/speaking and Jupiter rules publishing and large-scale reach). 

     And speaking of Jupiter…

     Jupiter plays a part in the size and scope of fame, often making it more prominent / pronounced. Phrases like “highest-grossing” or “highest-scoring” are characteristic of Jupiter. This makes sense since in astrology, Jupiter is the planet of MASSIVE growth. For this reason, I believe there is a third and final set of fame degrees, one I’m calling:

     The Prominence Degrees, and they are 9° and 21°.

     These degrees are the Sagittarius–or Jupiter–degrees and I believe they magnify one’s popularity. The Prominence Degrees are seen in a number of superfamous / superstar / celebrated celebrity birth charts, including: 

     Dua Lipa, who has her Mercury in 21° Virgo. (Yep, she’s got another fame degree.) Mercury is the planet of writers, singers, speakers and communicators. Dua Lipa is already a prominent, Grammy-Award-winning pop singer and is fast becoming a prominent podcaster with “Dua Lipa: At Your Service”. 

     Kim Kardashian, who has her Pluto at 21° Libra. Pluto is the planet of taboo topics, including sex and voyeruism. Kim Kardashian’s sex tape was her claim-to-fame– the thing that made her rise to prominence and eventually become a household name

     Michael Jordan, who has his Mars at 9° Leo. Mars is the planet of energy, athleticism, goal-setting. As an NBA star, MJ was famous for his strength, energy, stamina and ability to set and achieve goals, all of which helped him become a prominent household name

     These sets of degrees – the Fame Degrees, the Household Name Degrees and the Prominence Degrees – are degrees that make a birth chart more inclined towards celebrity, especially in the entertainment and sports industries. 

Other notable celebrities with one or all of these Fame degrees include: 

Beyonce has her North Node at 29° Cancer, Moon in 21° Scorpio and Saturn at 9° Libra

Harry Styles has his Mercury at 29° Aquarius, North Node at 29° Scorpio, Neptune at 21° Capricorn, annnd his Ascendant at 28° Libra. 

LeBron James has his Sun at 9° Capricorn, Moon at 16° Aries and Jupiter at 21° Capricorn.

Elvis Presley has his Venus at 29° Capricorn

Billie Eilish has her Mercury at 4° Capricorn, Jupiter 12° Cancer, Uranus 21° Aquarius, and her Ascendant at 17° Pisces

Jennifer Lawrence has her Moon at 21° Gemini, Mars at 21° Taurus and Jupiter 29° Cancer. 

Lana Del Rey has her Jupiter at 16° Aquarius and North Node 16° Taurus

Taylor Swift has her Sun at 21° Sagittarius.

     Also, in Donald Trump’s birth chart (yes, even charts of people like Trump need to be analyzed), he has his Moon at 21° Sagittarius and his Ascendant at 29° Leo. Trump is known for a number of things– none of which I’ll mention here –and this is due in large part to these fame degrees. (Sidenote: Trump’s predecessor, Joe Biden has his Venus at 28° Scorpio, and he is now a household name as well.)

     And in Jeff Bezos’s birth chart, his Sun is at 21° Capricorn, his Moon 28° Sagittarius, his Mercury 5° Capricorn and his Mars at 29° Capricorn. That’s nearly every single fame degree! And we can see how his “fame” has manifested through Bezos’s dominant sign of Capricorn, the sign of entrepreneurship, industry and big business: Bezos and his company Amazon have become famous household names and are basically taking over the world. 

     One final word, fame as I’ve defined it in this article refers to the Merriam Webster definition, which says FAME is “a) public estimation: REPUTATION; and b) popular acclaim: RENOWN.” So, when we talk about fame, we’re talking about anyone who does something to earn popular acclaim and renown in some way, shape or form. Which all of these aforementioned celebs have done (some more than others). 

     Do you have a FAME degree in your birth chart? Let me know which planet and sign in the comments, and I’ll tell you what you’ll be famous for!

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