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2022 Mercury in Virgo is SOOO GOOD for these zodiac signs

Oh, but which signs is the question…

 On Aug. 4, mind-planet Mercury enters fastidious earth sign Virgo, a transit which is only good for a few zodiac signs. BTW,  I hate to rush the astrology info here, but since Mercury is entering Virgo tomorrow, I have lately:

  • Found myself preoccupied with punctuality and productivity
  • Realized that I don’t have enough TIME to do EVERYTHING on my to-do list. 
  • Developed a keen interest in the economy of language (i.e.: using abbreviations and/or bullet points in my writing, texts, letters, emails and DMs)
  • Have a rather large bee in my bonnet about the efficacy of my words. 

     All of this perhaps explains why I have chosen a listicle format as opposed to the traditional article format. That, or I just didn’t want to write a full-fledged horoscope for a transit that’s ending in three weeks. But anyway, here’s a list of the zodiac signs for whom 2022 Mercury in Virgo is sooo good:

  1. Virgo ♍

     Um, duh 2022 Mercury in Virgo is soooo good for you. Until Aug. 25, you get to be as picky and persnickety as you’d like. Obsess over comma splices and being on time to your dentist appointment! Nitpick your friends’ ideas and poorly written texts, and poke holes in their logic! And don’t shy away from the criticism and anxiety! It’s what you’re famous for 😉…      

  1. Pisces ♓

     With Mercury in Virgo, you can finally think pragmatically (if only until Aug. 25). Yes, your victim mindset will remain, but at least you’ll be more logical and choosy with your words when describing your “pain.” Lists are a great way to clearly communicate all the many and varied ways your partner, bestie and/or workmates have let you down and/or hurt your feelings…  

  1. Gemini ♊

     Did I say 2022 Mercury in Virgo was gonna be good for you? Cuz I meant it was gonna be bad. JK. Really, it makes you chattier, mentally sharper and more high-strung than Hermione Granger (she’s a Virgo, btw). Of course, one way to assuage the nervous tension brought on by all the HIIT (high-intensity-interval-thinking) is to write, write, write annnnd go to the library… 

  1. Sagittarius ♐

     Like Gemini, 2022 Mercury in Virgo kinda stresses you out. NBD. You’re basically an anxiety attack in human form, so you’re used to it. That said, it’s time to get fussy about your professional communications. If you’ve got an old resume, update it. If you’re at a job you hate, suck it buttercup because internalizing one’s emotions is the Mercury in Vigo way of life…