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The 2022 Aquarius full moon is a heavy-hitter for these zodiac signs

I’m talking Thor’s hammer type of hits, too.

     Look! Out there in the sky: it’s a bird–no, a plane! No! It’s a–a–another FREAKING SUPER FULL MOON. ARGHHHHHH. That’s right, on Aug. 11, at 9:36 p.m. there’s ANOTHER super full moon, this one in airy, forward-thinking Aquarius. 

     Even though it’s in the sign of Aquarius, the most emotionally detached sign in the zodiac, don’t expect this August full moon to make you objective or indifferent to your current situation. There’s simply too much dynamic energy to think or feel that way. 

     The 2022 Aquarius super full moon is making tense aspects to the Sun, Mars, Saturn and–most notably–to rebel-rouser Uranus and the North Node (both in Taurus). These tense alignments imbue the air with feelings of irritation and discontent, but they can also inspire us to buckle down and push forward in our long-term hopes, wishes and dreams. 

     If you’ve felt like you’ve been spinning your wheels in really thick mud, you’re not alone. Mars and Saturn recently had a standoff, which resulted in a battle between your drive and your duties. Plus, Mars, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes have revved up our collective urgency to change/achieve our destiny. Needless to say, it’s been a tough and exhausting couple of weeks. 

     The good news is that the 2022 Aquarius super full moon is gonna help us make forward progress and release some of that stuck energy.    

Aquarius Full Moon Art by Author

     This August super full moon is all about shaking things up and letting go of the stale sh*t that’s holding you back. (And believe me, it will shake up your life, since it’s butting heads with Uranus, the planet of unexpected shake ups and wake ups.) 

     And while all of us will experience its effects, the 2022 Aquarius super full moon hits these zodiac signs hardest:

1. Aquarius ♒

    The super full moon is sitting pretty and bright in your 1st House of Self, and it’s your lunation to be a little selfish. Spend the day pondering your wants, needs, aims and goals. Think: What projects have recently felt stagnant or stuck? Have you been itching to change up your appearance, but can’t figure out how? This full moon is the lantern that shines through the murky uncertainty/stagnation… 

2. Leo ♌

     Unlike Aquarius, you (seem to) know exactly what you want. Still, the super full moon has you questioning those wants and focuses your attention on the significant others in your life. Tbh, you’d much rather focus on: going viral on TikTok, getting bangs, etc. Well, your S.O. can help you with these goals, if you stop being so damn proud and determined to do it all on your own… 

3. Taurus ♉

     This full moon acts as a floodlight on your vocation. Suddenly, all your hoped-for career achievements are illuminated, and it’s hard to ignore the blinding urge to get your dream job. Get ready to obsess over your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile until the cows come home. That, or you could become a temporary star at the office and get awarded Employee of the Week or Month or whatever… 

4. Scorpio ♏

     Like Taurus, your star is on the rise, and this August super full moon could help you finally gain the public’s favor. This is a good day to launch a product/business and put your face/brand into the wild. In more mundane matters, the full moon also emphasizes your home and family life. Privacy with loved ones may take importance over your business dealings and yearning for celebrity status… 

5. Anyone with a fixed sign placement at 19°

    Whether it’s your Mars in Taurus, Venus in Scorpio, Aquarius Ascendant or Leo Sun, if you’ve got a fixed sign planet or point at 19° (or close to it), then the full moon is activating it (or triggering it, depending on the planet/point). 

     Taurus or Scorpio placements can expect a rush of frustration and determination to push through current obstacles, thanks to the square made by the full moon. The opposition will have Leo placements roaring in outrage, especially if life isn’t currently going according to plan. With the conjunction, Aquarius placements will feel supercharged to keep moving forward…   

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