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Love yourself during 2022 Venus in Leo

It’s no joke.

     Remember Venus in Cancer? (I do, but that’s because I’m a Venus in Cancer native. And we remember everything.) The love planet’s transit through the cardinal water sign saw us pinching pennies and staying home every night, but all that’s about to change. On Aug. 11, Venus, the planet of love, money and beauty, enters fiery, feisty and oh-so-freaking fabulous Leo.

     The short of it: 2022 Venus in Leo does away with any coyness and comfort-seeking, and instead ups your ante for courage, luxury, and lots of good hair days.

     Your appetite for attention and adoration also increases during 2022 Venus in Leo, and you’re more inclined to be big and bold in your displays of affection and in your spending. (After all, Leo deserves the very best and will never, EVER settle for less.) This means, the louder and prouder your partner is about being with you (and vice versa), the happier you’ll be. 

     However, if they aren’t loud and proud, or they don’t give you enough attention, you’re likely to roar in fury and demand to be treated like the royalty that you are. 

     Did I mention that 2022 Venus in Leo makes you extra demanding, self-absorbed and attention-hungry in your partnerships? Because it DOES. 

     Of course, if you’re single, 2022 Venus in Leo affects you too, giving you two options:

  1. You feverishly pursue a love interest like the manic protagonist of a rom-com
  2. You proudly pounce on this opportunity to prioritize self-love. 

     Really, we should ALL use 2022 Venus in Leo to shower ourselves with praise, adoration and “Your hair looks great!” compliments. Because why the hell not? Venus’ transit through the fixed fire sign shouldn’t just heat up our romantic love lives, it should heat up our self-love lives too. And if that means spending $150 on a haircut that makes you feel FABULOUS, SO BE IT.

     Of course, what precisely (or, in my case, VAGUELY) 2022 Venus in Leo will do for you depends entirely on your Sun and Rising sign. So, without further ado:

Your 2022 Venus in Leo Horoscope

Aries ♈

     Are you not entertained?! Well, Venus in Leo’s here to help entertain you. Your new favorite pastime is binging soapy dramas like Grey’s Anatomy, Bridgerton or Dickinson. Why? Well, you want to satisfy your craving for swoon-worthy romance. (You know, you could write the next soapy romance drama. Just saying.) You could also busy yourself with a hot-and-heavy romance novel like Twilight, or get creative with your TikTok videos. Anything and everything fun and freeing is worth your attention rn… 

Taurus ♉

     It’s TLC time! Thanks to Venus in Leo, your self-compassion is at its highest and you can feel good about giving yourself the tender love and care you crave. If you can learn anything from superstar Taurus Lizzo, it’s that you are special. Which is why, like Lizzo, you need to look in the mirror every single day and say, “I Love You Bitch”– and mean it. Because, honestly, Taurus, it’s about damn time you love yourself that damn much… 

Gemini ♊

   Your passion for stringing together amusing words and phrases is back with a vengeance. Venus in Leo summons your creative muse and re-lights the fire under your butt to write witty and wise content in a snap. And knowing you, this content veers towards the gossipy. In fact, you might discover a latent talent for spreading and exposing the hottest gossip and using it to craft a very popular and very entertaining tittle-tattle newsletter. Hey, it worked for Lady Whisteldown…       

Cancer ♋

     Money has always been one of your favorite things in the world–and even more so now. But with Venus in Leo, you’re attempting to attract abundance and earn lots of money using only your natural talents. (Hey, that’s what fellow Cancer Derek Jeter did! And he’s a Captain now.) If you’re artistically inclined, this is the time to start your painting / pottery / handmade Alf-stickers Etsy shop. That, or you could start making / buying / selling NFTs. Point is, you have options… 

Leo ♌

     As the famous Leo Madonna once said: “Express yourself!” and Venus in Leo will help you do that and more. If you’ve kept romantic affections for suitors under wraps, now you can open your heart and let those passionate feelings free. Desire for applause is at an all-time high, but you attract admirers and compliments with the greatest of ease. Money-wise, you can expect to splurge on hair care products—not that you need to, your hair looks great. I swear…   

Virgo ♍ 

     Like fellow Virgo Beyonce, you’re experiencing a renaissance–and it’s a dynamic reawakening of your creative talents and romantic feelings. However, during this renaissance you will be all up in your mind, pining again and again over unrequited loves, exes from yesteryear and the One who got away. (Btw, they didn’t “get away” you dumped them because they never vacuumed.) Expect to spend lots of time by yourself, journaling about how romantically repressed you are and singing “Break My Soul”…  

Libra ♎

     If it’s your dream to go viral on TikTok, Venus in Leo works to help you attract hundreds of followers. Not like you need help attracting followers. People ADORE YOU. (Harry Styles said so himself.) And they’ll adore you even more. Just don’t let the attention go to your head– unless, of course, the attention has to do with your head because your “how to style curtain bangs” TikTok goes viral. In that case, you deserve to be somewhat smug… 

Scorpio ♏

     Craving some at-the-office erotica? Venus in Leo has your back. The planet could attract a sexy, suit-wearing person of power (think: Don Draper) who tries to seduce and make a memo out of you. That, or YOU seduce this sexy, suit-wearing bossman/bosswoman and watch them use the fax machine again and again. And if that isn’t hot enough, check this out: It’s now ten times easier to charm higher-ups and get yourself that promotion / pay raise. Pretty sexy, huh?  

Sagittarius ♐

     Ever the relationship abandoner, Venus in Leo makes a reliable partner out of you. Sorta. Mostly, it steadies your passions while also igniting them–but only the exotic and glamorous catch your eye. So, forgo boring dinner with mundane John or spiritless Sarah and instead hang glide with Julio or tango with exciting Adina. Adventures and excursions also appeal to you. Normally you can kick it in the woods with nothing but a tent, but now you’re glamping like JLo herself…   

Capricorn ♑

     Passions smolder, and your desire for intimacy reaches a fever pitch. Externally, you’re poised and aloof, but inside you’re like a bed of hot coals. The only way to release these intense feelings is through the primal act we sometimes call making whoopee. That, or you could once more fixate on a cryptocurrency investment. After all, striking gold in the stock market and becoming a millionaire is a helluva lot more exciting to you than sex. Yeah, I said it…  

Aquarius ♒

     Lusting for a soulmate? Venus in Leo helps you attract a steady, sensual yet headstrong partner. Kinda. Mostly, it makes you even more bewitching and beautiful to your opposite sex. Hell, even your enemies will stop and marvel at how interesting, attractive and alluring you suddenly are. (I mean, not that you have many enemies, because you’re always sooo damn well-liked) And speaking of enemies, this might just be the perfect time for an enemies-to-lovers romance (UGH I love those)… 

Pisces ♓

     Sorry, not sorry, but Venus in Leo makes it even harder for you to pace yourself, control your portions and skimp on the self-pampering. But why should you pace, control or skimp? Why shouldn’t you curl up in bed with a tub of Haagen Dazs? Or soak in a bathtub full of Hershey’s syrup? You’ve earned the right to be self-indulgent! At least, that’s what you’ll keep telling yourself if-and-when people start grilling you about your newest “glow up” routine…

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