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Cosmic Weather Forecast: 2022 Virgo Season

Sunshine. Clouds. Mercury Retrograde… the usual

     It’s time to say sayonara to the fun and freedom of Leo and embrace something new. As it does every 30 or so days, the Sun has moved into another zodiac sign, ushering in another zodiac season. Virgo season, which runs from Aug. 22 through Sept. 22, is the latest zodiac season, and it’s here to help us get into a new, more efficient and highly productive groove. 

     That’s right, during this time of year, we analyze, synthesize, practice, perfect and organize. We also move away from the lazy days of summer and step into a new routine of planning, proficiency and logicality. That means:

  • More lists!
  • Higher concern with health, wellness and looking young!
  • More critical thinking, overanalyzing and skepticism!
  • Over the top OCD moments!
  • More label-making and other mindless busy-work!

There’s more high-strung task- and work-oriented energy where that came from. Mostly because there are other planetary transits impacting and influencing the tenor of this Virgo season. So, without further ado:

Your Cosmic Weather Forecast for 2022 Virgo Season

    OK. To start out, I’ve gotta talk a bit about Mars in Gemini. Yes, technically, the action-and-energy planet entered the air sign during the tailend of Leo season, but the planet remains in Gemini for all of Virgo season, so it kinda counts as a Virgo season transit. Especially on Aug. 27, Mars tensely aspects the Sun, causing a build up of aggression, overconfidence and nervous tension. (More on that later.)

     On a lighter note, Aug. 25 sees Mercury, the planet of communication, entering peaceful and poetic air sign Libra. We’re more sociable, more agreeable and more charming during this transit, but. We may struggle with decision-making. With Mercury in Libra, we compare the pros and cons of each and every alternative. Still, at least we can write with greater ease. 

     Air signs–like me–are gonna love Mercury in Libra, because it’s gonna help you think more clearly and creatively, while also giving you a fresh perspective on your to-do lists and/or writing projects. 2022 Mercury in Libra is good for other signs, of course, but it’s really good for us airheads.  

      Aug. 27, brings a new moon in Virgo. As mentioned above, Mars in Gemini is butting heads with this new moon, which creates lots of dynamic energy. Yes, you may be overconfident, nervous and fidgety, but all you gotta do is focus that energy on your new moon intention. Venus in Leo and rebellious Uranus are also squaring off; plus, Venus is opposite Saturn. 

     So, you might get an out-of-the-blue opportunity to grow your finances (crypto fire sale!), or you may decide to cut back on your spending. Either way, you can expect to feel tense about it. 

      Come Sept. 5, Venus enters Virgo, which is good news for earth and water signs–but mostly earth signs. Venus in Virgo brings out your inner nitpicker and nurturer. So, don’t be surprised if you start fussing over the fine details of your S.O.’s life: ironing their wrinkled button-downs, making trips to the grocery store on their behalf, etc. Acts of service are the top love language during Venus in Virgo. 

     And now, for some annoying news: Mercury stations retrograde in Libra on Sept. 9. As with every other Mercury Retro transit, tech hiccups, plan/appointment cancellations and delays are inevitable. But hey, at least you’re forewarned. (Check out this article about Mercury Retrograde to navigate the transit.) 

     The next day, Sept. 10, there’s a full moon in Pisces, and it promises to be more illuminating than most. That’s because Uranus and the North Node (both in Taurus) are sextile the full moon, bringing not-so-subtle ah-ha moments and revitalizing experiences. 

     Fun fact: Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune annnd Pluto are all retrograde on this full moon. The significance of this astrological occurrence…has yet to come to me, but if you figure it out, let me know in the comments. 

     Just make sure it’s before Sept. 22, ‘cuz by that time, it’ll be Libra season, baby. Until then, enjoy the nitpicking fastidiousness of 2022 Virgo season.