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The astrology of Kanye West’s recent Nazi controversy

Spoiler alert: copious ranting and astrological analysis ahead

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     The artist formerly known as Kanye recently made a public statement to Proud Boys Founder Alex Jones, in which he asked the Jewish people to “forgive Hilter.” At first when I heard this, I thought, “Am I watching an episode of ‘Rappers Say the Darndest Things’?” Then, I thought, there must be an astrological reason for Kanye West’s ridiculous behavior. Turns out: there is, and it has everything to do with Kanye West’s birth chart, his Gemini Sun sign, and the upcoming 2022 Gemini full moon.

     Yeezie is a Gemini, born June 8, 1977. As the zodiac sign ruling over all things talk and text–writing, speaking, E! News and T-Mobile–it’s natural for Geminis to think themselves oh-so cute and clever in their words, and especially their public speeches. It’s true, Gemini is the sign of the talker and the silver-tongued speaker–or, in Kanye’s case, the foot-in-the-mouth harbinger of commotion and controversial comments.

     I mean, even Howard Stern finds Kanye’s comments too controversial. Think about that: Howard Stern, a former shock jock who used to interview people such as Jeff the Puker, Mike the Marfan, and plenty o’ topless ladies, thinks Kanye West is going too far. 

     And he is–but there is, as mentioned, an astrological reason for Kanye’s recent crazy talk. 

     On Dec. 7 at 11:08 p.m. EST, we have a full moon in chatty, attention-grabbing air sign Gemini. And Kanye’s aforementioned Gemini Sun is being activated by this 2022 Gemini full moon. (You can think of this astrological “activation” as being similar in nature to when Captain Crunch “crunchatizes” your taste buds with his delicious, crunchy cereal.) 

     During full moons, you often do or say emotionally-charged stuff that’s kinda cray-cray. By which I mean, you lose your shit. You shave your head like 2007 Britney Spears, you go full-on Daenerys Targaryen and burn down King’s Landing, or you blab in a public interview about evil historical figures you don’t have the authority to praise or defend. Like Kanye.

     But wait–the full moon hasn’t happened yet. How can it be influencing Kanye or you for that matter? Well, there’s another astrological transit at play. 

     Mars, the planet of egotism, war and aggression, is currently retrograde in Gemini, once again activating Kanye’s Gemini Sun stupidity. Mars is also conjunct–or, in the same sign and degree as–the Gemini full moon. 

     This means all that Gemini-inspired “aren’t I clever and cute” talk and all those full-moon I’m-gonna-have-a-meltdown feelings are being egged-on by the egotistical, sharp-tongued Mars in Gemini. Which, at its core, just likes to say things that piss people off. 

     Kanye West’s sharp-tongued anti-semitic comments have certainly pissed people off, but they’re also reflective of the astrology of the 2022 Gemini full moon. 

     With the full Moon and Mars in Gemini activating his Gemini Sun sign, words are the weapon of his ego. They’re wielded to cause commotion and grab attention, so that Ye can feel like he’s achieving something and moving closer to his asinine goal of being President. 

     Also, with the Moon and Mars crunchatizing his natal Sun, there’s an obvious lack of pretense and timidity, an abundance of confidence in his words, and an increase in argumentativeness. 

     It’s true, thanks to astrology, Kanye West has an even more pressing urge to share his feelings, thoughts and opinions. Plus, he thinks that everyone in the world NEEDS to hear what he has to say. That’s because nothing satisfies Gemini’s ego more than having an audience and being talked about for what they said (or wrote). If Kanye isn’t proof of this, then maybe fellow Donald Trump might be? He’s a Gemini too, you know. 

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