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Jupiter Dominant: what it is and what it means for your zodiac sign

So, what’s the deal with Jupiter Dominance?

     OK. So, you’re checking your daily horoscope or you just got your free birth chart from astrology.com, and you notice this phrase called Jupiter Dominant. It’s hella confusing, and you wanna know what it means to be Jupiter dominant. 

     Well, it is a little known fact that the astrological personality is layered. Sundae-like, planetary and zodiac energies pile one on top of the other until there is a cherry on top: the Dominant Planet. Not to be confused with the chart ruler, the Dominant Planet is the planet that—either due to a stellium in the planet’s natural house, or a high number of aspects to other planets—calls the shots in your chart and imbues you with its planetary energies. These energies lay the path of your destiny.

    Now that you know the meaning of dominant planets in astrology, we can get the meaning of Jupiter in astrology.

     In its simplest form, Jupiter is the planet of opportunity, expansion, and spirituality. The gas giant rules religion, philosophy, spirituality, travel, and higher education–think: yoga, mediation, grad school, and long-distance trips. And on its best days, Jupiter brings good luck, good cheer, spiritual health, wealth, abundance, and a whole lotta love and optimism.

     If you are Jupiter Dominant, you’re an Olympian of optimism, and believe in destiny. Expansion and growth of either the mind, spirit, body, or emotions are important to you, as are travel, adventures, and explorations. You want to understand the meaning of life, and are curious about everything, from different cultures, cities and religions, to different philosophies and spiritual practices. 

     Some may call you lucky, because the heavens always seem to smile at your constant faith and generosity and reward you with fantastic opportunities. Friendly, popular, hopeful, you will evolve into a wise sage, while staying young at heart. You are BIG in every way – personality and physicality; and soar in the teaching, athletic, or theatrical professions.

     If you are Jupiter Dominant, then you’re especially sensitive to Jupiter transits and Jupiter retrograde–but each astrological element expresses Jupiter dominance differently. So, without further ado: 

Jupiter Dominance in the Signs


  • Jupiter Dominant Aries ♈
  • Jupiter Dominant Leo ♌
  • Jupiter Dominant Sagittarius ♐

     Confidence and luck are parts of your DNA. Your personality is animated and you are goal-oriented, with many big dreams and seemingly impossible ambitions. No matter what happens, you fight for your ideals, and nothing has the power to rob you of your faith. Both highly-motivated and motivational, you’re a trailblazing mentor with pounds of energy and wisdom. A natural entertainer, you are dramatic, dynamic, and extremely outgoing, and always willing to provide comic relief and inspiration to those who are down; but you are also short-tempered and may be restless and irresponsible, believing destiny will take care of you. You need to be free to explore the bounds of your spirit, and realize you are limitless!


  • Jupiter Dominant Taurus ♉ 
  • Jupiter Dominant Virgo ♍
  • Jupiter Dominant Capricorn

     You’re always wanting a tangible goal, so you plunge the earth searching for material things that will satisfy your longing for more. You merge an acceptance of boundaries that exist in reality with a belief in the boundless possibilities of hard work and resilience. You know your limits, but have confidence in your ability to restructure them. This makes you great in business, because you are willing to gamble and take a risk on ideas that could give you a major pay-off. Intuition and logic work together like a crystal ball so you can look into the future and see the results and consequences of every decision you make. You’re serious about your goals and beliefs, adventurous yet cautious in your pursuits, and able to endure anything.


  • Jupiter Dominant Gemini ♊
  • Jupiter Dominant Libra ♎
  • Jupiter Dominant Aquarius ♒ 

     Curious, curious, curious, you love learning and exploring new thoughts, ideas, and ways of thinking because it helps you to understand the big picture of life. You plunge into new subjects and pursuits with enthusiasm, and put your faith in socialization. Interactions with others satisfies your deep-seeded need for fresh opinions, beliefs, and new information. Friends mean a lot to you, and you have a bevy of different companions, usually because you collect them as souvenirs on your many excursions. If tourism and long-distance travel is out of the question for you, you will explore the far reaches of your mind and imagination to expand your mental limits. Just try to avoid hallucinogens–your mind is trippy enough as it is!


  • Jupiter Dominant Cancer ♋
  • Jupiter Dominant Scorpio ♏
  • Jupiter Dominant Pisces ♓

     Charitable and generous with your time and talents, you blend idealism with sympathy. You strongly believe in something larger than you, and in fact, need something to devote your spiritual self to, or else you feel incomplete. Your emotions are exaggerated, and you express feelings very melodramatically, but you do so because you must keep the flow of feelings constant. You give your all in all that you do, literally pouring out your mind, body, and soul into projects, especially if they are for someone in need. You have the desire to break with the past, and that can only take place when you look inward and explore the frontiers of your emotional nature.Then you can be open to every new sensation you encounter, and ultimately heal all that you touch.

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