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Venus in Aquarius Transit and the Future of Love

What happens when the love planet and the fixed air sign come together

     Happy New year 2023! All December long, Venus in Capricorn had you appreciating productivity, enterprise and material things, but guess what? The time of being all businesslike in your relationships and stoic in your financial dealings is O-V-E-R! The universe is blowing a wave of socializing, brainstorming and fraternal feelings your way. That’s right: Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, enters Aquarius on Jan. 2. 

     While this transit affects us all–especially in our day-to-day lives and one-on-one dealings with others (don’t believe me? Check your daily horoscope)–it’s important to understand what, exactly, Venus in Aquarius means both as a transit and in the birth chart. 

     First things first, we need to understand the meaning of Venus in Astrology.  

     Simply put, Venus is the planet of love and pleasure; it rules things like romance, affection, art, recreation, money, values, socializing and partnerships. Basically, the evening star tells us who we’re attracted to and want to buddy up with, what makes us happy, and why. This is true for both Venus transits and Venus in the birth chart.  

     Venus in Aquarius in the birth chart

     If you have Venus in Aquarius in your birth chart, then you’re super social, with a genuine, albeit intellectual, interest in other people. This birth chart placement helps you make tons of friends (and lovers) in a snap. (The potential for a polyamorous affair is equally likely, btw.) Still, there’s a dispassionate nature to Venus in Aquarius that doesn’t encourage you to emotionally invest in any bond. Touchy-feely moments and grand romantic overtures feel stuffy and unnatural to a Venus in Aquarius native. 

     Relationships–whether romantic, business, peer–often feel like friendly bonds, free of weighty emotional demands. It’s true, your urge for freedom and independence is strong with Venus in Aquarius. With Venus in Aquarius you want to think about your hopes and dreams, and if you can do that with a partner, or a group of like-minded weirdos, that’s even better. The one caveat: you’ll only befriend someone if a) they’re eclectic, b) have interesting ideas, and c) they give you the space (i.e.: freedom) to be and do as you please. 

     Fiscally speaking, Venus in Aquarius spends its money on futuristic things, whether that’s the newest iPhone or another fancy tech gadget like an Apple Watch or VR headset, as well as unconventional beauty products or clothes.

     What Venus in Aquarius is attracted to

     Anything weird, exotic, unconventional or unique is sure to attract a Venus in Aquarius native. (This is both in relationship dealings and in your personal appearance, btw.) Harry Styles has Venus in Aquarius, and is a good example of this chart placement’s love for quirkiness. You need only Google “Harry Styles Fashion” to see what I’m talking about.

     Another trait Venus in Aquarius is attracted to is intellectual excitement. Aquarius is an air sign, and air signs love to talk, debate, and exchange ideas on the regular–but these ideas have to be unique and/or strange in order to catch and keep Venus in Aquarius’ interest. 

     Freedom–both physical and intellectual–is the number one trait Venus in Aquarius attracted to; people with this placement find they are most compatible with fellow Venus in air or Venus in fire signs. That’s because these birth chart placement understand the air sign’s need for space.

     If a partner is smothering, controlling, or too stuffy about ideas and viewpoints, then Venus in Aquarius will run in the opposite direction. Actually, if given the right amount of freedom in your relationship with Venus in Aquarius, you’re able to think up creative solutions to problems better because you’re able to approach them with detachment and fairness. 

     Platonic partnerships and budding friendships are the name of the game during a Venus in Aquarius transit or with Venus in Aquarius in the birth chart. People-oriented, you want to get to know even the strangest of strangers–but it’s not enough to link up and chit chat with people who share your interests: you want to make friends with unique people who are passionate about odd subjects you know nothing about.

     Venus in Aquarius transit

     The transit of Venus in Aquarius brings out a collective fascination with all things futuristic and eccentric. (I’m talking to you, Artificial Intelligence!) We’re also hella curious about other people and seek out stimulating mental exchanges. If ever there’s a time for light-hearted debates about whether aliens are real, it’s during Venus in Aquarius.  

     With Venus in Aquarius we’re more concerned with our freedom–both mental, physical and emotional. Sure, you may be interested in and connecting with tons of new people (esp. since conversations will be light and breezy) but you’ll flee if things feel too stuffy or sentimental.   

    When transiting Aquarius, Venus adopts its fair share of quirks, imparting those quirks onto us zodiac signs. Belonging to the element of air, which is the astrological element of the mind, Aquarius prefers to connect with others mentally. So, until you’re far more interested in dialogue and the exchange of ingenious ideas than you are in cuddling up and saying “I love you” to your boo.  

     As long as you keep your interactions friendly and give yourself plenty of freedom, you’ll enjoy Venus in Aquarius from now until the love planet enters Pisces on Jan. 26.  By the time the planet is out of the air sign, your group DMs will be overloaded, you’ll feel more mentally connected and independent, and–best of all–better equipped to glide into 2023 with ease.

Important dates for Venus in Aquarius

     Mark your 2023 calendars for January 15, when Venus squares Uranus. This transit will bring unexpected sentiments–and outsiders–into your relationships and financial dealings.

Venus in Aquarius celebrities

The following celebrities have Venus in Aquarius in their birth chart, and show the fixed air sign’s love of freedom, unique self-expression, and future-focused mentality. 

  • Taylor Swift
  • Harry Styles
  • Timothée Chalamet
  • Tom Hiddleston
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Kate Moss
  • Chloe Moretz
  • Sporty Spice

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