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Full Moon in Cancer: What Does It Mean?

And why you should care

     Still holding onto 2022? It’s time to let yesterday go, because on Jan. 6, we have our first full moon of 2023, this one taking place in oh-so-sentimental and sensitive water sign Cancer. Is it a coincidence that this full moon falls on the same day as the Jan. 6 Insurrection? Um, NO. As the spiritual saying goes: THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES! 

     Anyway, this full moon, known as the Wolf Moon, could see you howling like a wolf. Why? Because as mentioned, Cancer is a deeply emotional, imaginative, sensitive and sentimental sign that pines over the past and can cry at the drop of a hat. Also, full moons make us extra cranky.

     If you haven’t read my snarky-yet-savvy guide on full moons, then you might not be privy to the meaning of full moons in astrology. So, here’s a summary:

     Astrological full moons give us the opportunity to reflect on our intentions and let go of the past or any emotional baggage we’re carrying. Now, because Cancer sticks to things better than Gorilla Glue, letting go of the past and releasing emotional baggage might not be easy this full moon. 

     With a full moon in Cancer, your emotions and imaginations can run high, causing a few howls, yips, cries or barks. (If you have Moon in Cancer, then you know what I’m talking about.) That’s because the Cancer Moon has many unfavorable traits, including but not limited to clinginess, stinginess, hypersensitivity, defensiveness and moodiness. 

     On or around a Cancer full moon, we can easily get our feelings hurt, be stingy with our affections, get a little crabby and defensive, and refuse to let go–especially if someone triggers the emotional, financial, and/or family insecurities we might be harboring. (We can also not react this way, since we’re armed with the knowledge of astrology and can therefore not be controlled by full moons.)

     Of course, there’s plenty more about the 2023 Cancer full moon that you need to know about, including the following planetary transits:

Mercury retrograde is opposite the Cancer full moon

     With Mercury opposite Moon transit, communication exchanges require balance. Maybe you need to listen more to others, or maybe you feel you need to be heard. Either way, it’s a good idea to think before you speak and try not to dwell too much on things unsaid. This is especially true, since Mercury is retrograde and could bring back topics you thought you’ve moved on from–an ex, perhaps? Also, don’t let emotions cloud your thinking!

Retrograde Uranus is sextile the Cancer full moon. 

     The Uranus sextile Moon transit can bring about anything–literally. Uranus is the planet of everything unexpected, from sudden windfalls and ah-ha moments to revolutions. Since the out-of-the-blue planet is retrograde, what it brings to you this full moon will most likely have to do with your past. Maybe that’s a job or relationship you passed on, or maybe it’s a long-ignored longing for liberation. Either way, you can expect the unexpected this Cancer full moon…  

Both the Sun and Mercury are aligning with Uranus.

     With Sun trine Uranus transit, exciting opportunities that shake-up your ego could arise; and with Mercury trine Uranus transit, you can definitely expect to have an ah-ha moment. Remember: Mercury is the planet of the mind and Uranus is the planet of sudden insight; both planets rule over our logic, technology, and higher intuition. Ergo, you might feel like Sherlock Holmes in the way you suddenly realize the solution to your current problem. It’s elementary…

Venus and Jupiter are sextile.

     This transit of Venus sextile Jupiter helps soften the tense effects of the full moon. Jupiter is the planet of luck, opportunity, and wealth; and Venus is the planet of love, money, and beauty. The combination of these two beneficial planets could fill you with warm and fuzzy feelings– like a chai tea, but better. In fact, you might expect a generous gift from your lover or teacher, be it a compliment or Venmo payment…  

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