Written by 8:31 pm The Zodiac

Gemini Donald Trump and his Barbie NFT

And yes, that is a unicorn.

In this video, snarky astrologer Cosmic Cannibal explores the Gemini Sun sign of Donald Trump and what it means for him. We’ll also talk about his recent NFT collection—and why some people are calling it the worst thing to happen to the zodiac since Pluto was demoted!

Donald Trump is known for being a former U.S. President, but did you know that he’s also a Leo Rising? And that his Sun is in Gemini? In this video, we’ll talk about one or none of these things–and more.

We’re also going to look at what other famous people like Kanye West and Johnny Depp have in common with Donald Trump (hint: they’re all Geminis), as well as take a look at the new Barbie movie, and Donald Trump as Unicorn Barbie. It’s not an astrology roast, and it’s not just a pop culture satire – this video, like Trump himself, is all of the above.