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Manifest your dream life this Aquarius new moon

Let the intention-setting BEGIN!

Look! Out there in the sky: it’s a bird–no, a plane! No! It’s the first new moon of 2023! That’s right, on Jan. 21, at 3:53 p.m. EST we have our very first new moon of the year, this one in airy, forward-thinking Aquarius

     Unlike other new moons, which often bring about opportunities for today, the 2023 Aquarius new moon is urging you to make plans for tomorrow–and the day after that and the day after that. (And OK, it may have already happened, buuuut it’s still relevant, so keep reading.)

     If you haven’t figured it out yet, Aquarius is all about progress and advancement. And new moons are the best days in astrology to set new goals for personal/professional/relationship growth. So, you can see how this new moon is a fantastic day to focus on (and set meaningful intentions for) your future hopes, wishes and dreams. 

     Moving away from a conjunction to Pluto, the planet of MASSIVE transformation, the Sun conjunct Moon (i.e. the New Moon) could have you feeling a little burnt out. Still, there’s reason to rouse your energies and hope: Now that Mars and Mercury have stationed direct, all is right in the cosmos and it’s a whole lot easier to move forward. And moving forward is what Aquarius energy is all about. 

     This 2023 Aquarius new moon is making a positive, expansive and majorly beneficial sextile to Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance. With Moon sextile Jupiter, the air is imbued with hope, positivity, and inspiration–especially towards our hopes, wishes and dreams. 

     Jupiter in Aries is also aligning with Mars in Gemini, further expanding the good vibes of this new moon, and helping to galvanize you to chase your goals and dreams. The conjunction between Venus in Aquarius and Saturn in Aquarius should help you set attainable and long-lasting goals.  

     This first new moon of 2023 is all about hope, change, progress, growth and abundance, which makes it the perfect day to do some manifesting. (Scripting, anyone?) And while all of us will experience its effects, the 2023 Aquarius new moon hits these zodiac signs hardest:

1. Aquarius ♒

    The new moon is sitting pretty in your 1st House of Self, and it’s encouraging some deep, future-focused thoughts. Really think about your wants, needs, aims and goals. Have you been itching to change up your appearance, but can’t figure out how? The opportunities and possibilities are seemingly endless, so don’t waste too much time daydreaming about the future. Focus on making things happen NOW… 

2. Leo ♌

     Unlike Aquarius, you (seem to) know exactly what you want. Still, the 2023 new moon has you focusing your attention on the significant others in your life. Tbh, you’d much rather focus on: going viral on TikTok, getting bangs, etc. Well, your S.O. can help you with these goals, if you let yourself be open to the idea of setting goals with your partner… 

3. Taurus ♉

     This new moon acts as a nutrient-dense soil bed for your vocation. Plant seeds for all your hoped-for career achievements and don’t ignore the blinding urge to get your dream job. Get ready to prune your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Another option, you could get recognized and become the temporary star at the office and get awarded Employee of the Week or Month… 

4. Scorpio ♏

     Like Taurus, your star is on the rise, and this 2023 new moon could help you finally gain the public’s favor. This is a good day to launch a product/business and put your face/brand into the wild. In more mundane matters, the new moon activates your home and family life. An opportunity to move to the house / apartment of your dreams could arise… 

5. Any of the air signs or Anyone with a fixed sign placement at 1°

    Whether you’re a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, or you have your Mars in Taurus, Venus in Scorpio, Aquarius Ascendant or Leo Sun, if you’ve got a fixed sign planet or point at 1° (or close to it), then the 2023 new moon is activating it. 

     Taurus, Scorpio and Leo placements can expect a surge of inspiration and determination to set new professional goals, thanks to the square made by the full moon. Whereas with the conjunction, Aquarius placements will feel supercharged to set big-time goals for the future…

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