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Everything about Venus conjunct Neptune

A transit for love, creativity, and magic

      Move over Valentine’s Day! Feb. 15th is officially the most romantic and renewing day of the year. And it’s all because of a rare alignment. Venus and Neptune, astrology’s foremost planets of love and romance, are conjunct in Pisces.  

     A conjunction only happens when two or more planets align in the same degree of the same sign. It can be likened to a hookup. It’s a brief yet blissful alignment that leaves you with all sorts of warm and fuzzy feelings. Universally speaking, this Venus conjunct Neptune transit is way more than hookup. 

    In fact, the Venus-Neptune conjunction is as mystical as it is romantic, gently inspiring us all to let go. Venus conjunct Neptune also brings an overwhelming sense of joy, creative inspiration, and yes, romance.

What Venus conjunct Neptune means for you

     As the planet of love, beauty, pleasure, and romance, Venus is exalted in water sign Pisces. This means its romantic qualities are amplified and enhanced. This is because Pisces is the zodiac’s prime sign of universal love, a trait that stems from Neptune, the sign’s ruling planet. 

     Outer planet Neptune is spiritual, dreamy, and ultra romantic. Since it rules the mutable water sign, Neptune is happy in Pisces, and there’s an ease in its energetic expression. But Neptune is also the higher octave of Venus, which means it takes all those Venus qualities to the next level.

     Needless to say, this conjunction is doing amazing things for your Valentine’s Day plans. Why? Because Venus conjunct Neptune is like a meeting between soulmates. The energies of the two planets blend and intensify in ways no other conjunctions can. 

     Not only are we being called to heal ourselves from pain, but we’re also encouraged to let our dreams turn into reality. Another bonus: Venus conjunct Neptune helps us connect to our emotions, so we can feel the beauty and magic around us.

Making magic during this transit

     Venus has no choice but to surrender to Neptune’s endless cosmic wooing during this transit. Venus-Neptune conjunction sends our sensitivity, softheartedness, and benevolence towards loved ones surging. Which helps us attract admirers and– if we’re looking –love. 

     There’s a teensy little problem. As beautiful and romantic Venus conjunct Neptune is, it can also make us blind to the realities of our love and life affairs. This, in turn, sets us up for major disillusionment and disappointment. 

    Naturally, the water signs (Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer) will have the easiest time enjoying the energy of this conjunction in Pisces. But Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn friends should feel it too. If you’re a fire or air sign, don’t worry: you’ll get a boost on March 2 when Venus is conjunct Jupiter in Aries.

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