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Your guide to Mercury in Aquarius

Your complete horoscope for the planetary transit

     Ready to start brainstorming plans for the future and invent the newest tech gadget? On Sat. Feb. 11, Mercury, enters air sign Aquarius, focusing your attention and thoughts on all things futuristic and techy. That’s right, after a lengthy jaunt through Capricorn (which was slowed by a retrograde cycle), astrological Mercury is finally moving forward through the zodiac. And with this forward motion comes a major and potentially progressive shift in thinking and communication. 

Mercury in Aquarius Themes

     Grab your smart phone and smart watch, throw on your VR headset and get ready to zone out of the present and into tomorrowland–and no, I’m not talking about that Disney movie.

     This transit and chart placement loves, loves, LOVES to use technology to connect ideas and–most importantly–connect those ideas with others in order to dream up a brighter, more tolerant and idealistic future for us all. (Makes sense, too: Aquarius rules the internet and social media, as well as groups.) Naturally, an increased curiosity in science, information technology, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality should be expected during this transit. 

What this Mercury in Aquarius transit means

     On a more personal level–as in, what it means in your natal chart–if you have the myhtological messenger of the gods in the fixed air sign, you are sharp-witted and observant, as well as inspired, critical and curious. It can also make you hella contradictory. 

     We live in our heads during Mercury in Aquarius but also want to socialize and share our thoughts with others. We love discussion, but loathe lectures. We have a solution for every problem, but also create another problem for every solution.

     In Aquarius, the planet of communication can feel a bit like falling into a rabbit hole because suddenly we realize that there’s so much information in the world and so little time to consume it. This can cause a fair bit of nervousness and anxiety (so can all that thinking). Overall, though, Mercury in Aquarius is a good thing because it pushes us to experiment with our communications and make serious mental progress. 

     While this planetary transit loves all the zodiac signs equally (because Aquarius is all about that tolerant life), it’s affecting each astrological element very differently. Still, you don’t have to wait, I’ve got your horoscope today.

Mercury in Aquarius Horoscopes

Mercury in Aquarius Horoscope for Air signs

     Yep, you three are gonna love this transit. It activates your identity, romance and adventure houses– a.k.a. the 1st, 5th, and 9th houses. 

     Aquarius, you’ll particularly enjoy this transit because it’s in your sign (#duh). So you can expect to be more outspoken and mentally alert, and you’ll dig how easy it is to write, speak and share your opinion. Libra, you’ll feel more creatively inspired, not to mention eager to get out of the house and flirt your head off. And Gemini, you’ll be thinking only of a passionate publishing project or your next big road trip (or both!)…

Mercury in Aquarius Horoscope for Fire Signs

     Socializing is the name of the game here. Why? Because the planet of communication is gliding through the mental / social houses of your horoscopes (those are the 3rd, 7th, 11th houses – for reference 😉). 

     Sagittarius, Mercury quickens the pace of your everyday life and makes brainstorming with your besties your new favorite thing. Leo, you’re especially responsive to this Mercury transit, so listen up: your partnerships–romantic/professional –will require your full attention; get ready for more meetings, more dates and more opportunities to test your listening skills. Aries, if you’ve been thinking of starting a social media project, now’s the time to buddy-up and get things moving… 

Mercury in Aquarius Horoscope for Earth Signs

     The quicksilver planet is stomping through the 2nd, 6th and 10th house, it puts an emphasis on money, routine and professionalism. (#yawn) 

     Capricorn, Mercury could have you a) starting a side job as a writer, or b) anxiously splurging on some high-tech gadgets. Either way, money is on your mind. Virgo, your daily routine is about to get a lot busier. What, with all the homework, meetings, appointments and check-ins you have to do. Just be sure you take time to slow down. And Taurus, you’re concentrating on your long-term goals and impressive achievements. A public speaking event or conference could be in the cards… 

Mercury in Aquarius Horoscope for Water Signs

     Introverted much? 2022 Mercury in Aquarius surfs through your 4th, 8th and 12th houses, making you all feel like Edward Cullen (a.k.a.: broody and anti-social).Scorpio, your house will be the hub of any and all social gathering, but spending so much time there might make ya go bonkers if you’re not careful. Cancer, your already solid interest in money and the occult grows exponentially. Hey, who needs friends when you have investments and wicca? Not you! And Pisces, Mercury in Aquarius sees you not-so-metaphorically holing away and hiding under the covers. The much-needed alone time boosts your creativity in a major way…