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Mars Dominant, what it is and what it means for your zodiac sign

     OK. So, you’re checking your daily horoscope or you just got your free birth chart from astrology.com, and you notice this phrase called Mars Dominant. It’s hella confusing, and you wanna know what it means to be Mars dominant. Well, I’ve got you covered.

     Do you know that the astrological personality is layered? Sundae-like, planetary and zodiac energies pile one on top of the other until there is a cherry on top: the Dominant Planet. Not to be confused with the chart ruler, the Dominant Planet is the planet that—either due to a stellium in the planet’s natural house, or a high number of aspects to other planets—calls the shots in your chart and imbues you with its planetary energies. These energies lay the path of your destiny.

Meaning of Mars in Astrology

     Getting its name from the Roman god of war, Mars is the planet of action, energy, enterprise, willpower, anger and passion. Whereas Venus attracts and receives, Mars desires, purses, chases and pounces. 

     Ruling over the famously hot-headed and passionate signs Aries and Scorpio, Mars is one of the planets associated with yang–or masculine–energy. Which is why the planet is associated with uber masculine pursuits such as physical activity, confidence, self-assertion, heroism, leadership and lust. 

     Any time you desire something–a goal, an adventure, a one-night stand–or feel particularly competitive, aggressive or excited, Mars is at the root of it. The planet pushes us to act on our desires in different ways

Mars Dominant Meaning / How to Know if You’re Mars Dominant

     If you are Mars Dominant, you aren’t afraid of a fight. You’re filled with the purpose to pursue. And even more passive signs have an extra dash of spirit and motivation to get up, go and take charge. Other traits that may surface are courage, drive and determination, a willingness to lead, impulsiveness, competitive streak, and aggression.

     Here’s how to know if you’re Mars Dominant:

  • You have an Aries stellium or 1st House stellium (Mars rules both Aries and the 1st House)
  • You have many planets aspecting your natal Mars. Sun trine Mars, Mars conjunct Jupiter, Mars square Neptune, etc.
  • You are an Aries Sun / Aries Rising, and/or have Mars on the Ascendant


Fire Signs with Mars Dominant Birth Charts

  • Mars Dominant Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You want to chase your dreams and turn your life into legend. Though self-involved, you’re also highly driven with loads of energy. There’s a pioneering spirit in you that initiates action, pursues passion tirelessly and defends the underdog. Brave but impatient at times, you’re outgoing, direct, and competitive.

Earth Signs with Mars Dominant Birth Charts

  • Mars Dominant Taurus, Virgo Capricorn

With both the drive and the endurance to finish projects, you’re a highly skilled and determined individual. Extra dashes of passion and determination (and a temper!) help you finish what you start. You’re a natural leader and entrepreneur. Loyal with an iron will, you’re infallible and tireless, with a winner’s mindset.

Air Signs with Mars Dominant Birth Charts

  • Mars Dominant Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

      Impulsive and a little bit manic, your mind is sharp, and your approach to life is fierce. Ever the speed-talker and thinker, you dominate conversations and mental pursuits. School is a competition. You’re highly active and energetic, but motivated. This is a placement of great debaters and leaders with marked independence. Though you’re fanatical about your ideas, you’re also unafraid to share them.

Water signs with Mars Dominant Birth Charts

  • Mars Dominant Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

     There’s a stronger urge to be self-defensive with Mars dominance here. However, your compassion for the weak is also impressive. More openly expressive with your feelings than other water sign types, you’re also able to soften your grip on the past. So, moving forward and achieving future goals is less difficult. Hope and passion are your strongest traits.

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