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Pluto Dominant, what it is & what it means for your birth chart

And believe me, it’s heavy.

     OK. So, you’re checking your daily horoscope or you just got your free birth chart from astrology.com, and you notice this phrase called Pluto Dominant. It’s hella confusing, and you wanna know what it means to be Pluto dominant. I’ve got you covered. But first, let’s talk about Pluto.

Meaning of Pluto in Astrology

     Pluto, the heavy-hitting outer planet of destruction, annihilation, and regeneration, is Scorpio’s ruler. In Roman mythology, Pluto ruled Hell, the subterranean hot spot for all the dead, sorrowful, sinful, dark, and spiritually lost.

     In the birth chart, Pluto shows us where we express our powerful, regenerative, destructive and transformative sides. It also tells us how / where we experience power struggles. Pluto destroys to rebuild, and help heal and regenerate.

Pluto Dominant Meaning / How to Know if You’re Pluto Dominant

     If you are Pluto Dominant, you are bound to the shadows of life. Blessed with perceptive powers, you see into the underworld of humanity, and have an intrinsic awareness of the forbidden aspects of people; things like death, sex and violence don’t scare you, they enliven you. Being so awake to the sordid and seedy things of life, gives you a gloomy confidence; you already know death, so you know there is nothing to fear. And you know that light can be found when you face the darkness.

     With Pluto as your dominant planet, your aim is to break down the barriers of innocence to find the painful ecstasy of your true self. Intense feelings, frustrations, obsessions, and passions leave you feeling burdened and may lead to possessiveness, jealously, and manipulation; but that is only when you are afraid to face the murky parts within. You believe in reincarnation and resurrection, and seek to transform yourself. Ultimately, you’re a survivor destined to encourage the renewal of those around you.

     Here’s how to know if you’re Pluto Dominant:

  • You have a Scorpio stellium or 8th House stellium (Pluto rules Scorpio and the 8th House)
  • You have many planets aspecting your natal Pluto. Sun trine Pluto, Pluto conjunct Jupiter, Pluto square Mars, etc.
  • You are a Scorpio Sun / Scorpio Rising, or have Pluto on the Ascendant


Fire Signs with Pluto Dominant Birth Charts

  • Pluto Dominant Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

     You are a highly motivated fighter determined to mark the world as your territory. It is a must for you to be passionate about what you do, and you always stay loyal to your convictions, so when you are confident in your path, you charge towards it with no abandon. You have a large hunger to experience life, with the ambition and determination to seek out the truth of your personal purpose.

      Both powerful and forceful, your personality is drenched in drama, which can make your temper volatile, but you accept the shadows inside of you, and see them as strengths (or you should) .You easily become defiant when challenged, but you are a surviving individualist, and will ruthlessly do whatever it takes to have your way and be who God meant you to be.

Earth Signs with Pluto Dominant Birth Charts

  • Pluto Dominant Taurus, Virgo Capricorn

     You brood over the realities of life, but with resolve, attempt to work alongside them so that you can do something worthwhile in the world. A composed intensity and quiet dedication have you working towards unraveling the mysteries of wealth and power, and legacies fascinate you. 

     Committed and loyal, you believe in tough love, and you frequently experience pains of the heart which are the results of your fanatical discipline. You are a sage who has suffered through many things that left you shrewd and cynical, with a distrust of immaturity; but you are at your best when you use your composed intensity and agonizing experiences to help transform the ones who can’t help themselves.

Air Signs with Pluto Dominant Birth Charts

  • Pluto Dominant Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

     Inventor and advocate of psychoanalysis, you are riveted by the darkness of human nature and the powers of the mind. Keen insight allows you to observe human nature with sharp accuracy. You understand people more than you’d like, so you try to make light of the intensity by transforming sadness into satire. 

     You keep feelings under lock and key, because you know they are strong and you know they are dangerous, and you never want to lose control. You are a mix of bright and dark, of heavy and light, and you believe that possessing knowledge of the unthinkable allows you to explore the true meaning of humanity, and that a full acceptance of obscurity will enlighten us all.

Water signs with Pluto Dominant Birth Charts

  • Pluto Dominant Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

     You experience agony and ecstasy daily, and feel everything intensely. You want to truly, madly, deeply love and be loved, but your strong emotions make you very self-protective and secretive. Still, you are incredibly caring and sympathetic to the difficulties of human suffering.

     Perception and intuition allow you to see into the soul of everyone you meet, and sense with clarity their shame and what they are trying to hide, and your compassion encourages you to want to help them. You know there is something mysterious and magical hidden within each of us, and believe that it is through exposing it, whatever it is, that the wounds of the world can transform.

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