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Uranus Dominant, what it is & what it means for your birth chart

Everything about Uranus planetary dominance

     If you’ve been hearing or reading about “Uranus Dominant” birth charts, and are both intrigued and confused, don’t worry. I’m laying out everything you need to know about Uranus dominance, from what it is to what it means. 

     Do you know that the astrological personality is layered? Sundae-like, planetary and zodiac energies pile one on top of the other until there is a cherry on top: the Dominant Planet. Not to be confused with the chart ruler, the Dominant Planet is the planet that—either due to a stellium in the planet’s natural house, or a high number of aspects to other planets—calls the shots in your chart and imbues you with its planetary energies. These energies lay the path of your destiny.

Uranus Meaning in Astrology

     Uranus transcends normal, everyday thinking. The planet is concerned with the higher mind, and rules over the intuition and imagination. Often considered the bohemian’s planet, Uranus wants us to expand our perception, destroy old ideologies, and revolutionize our world and day-to-day lives.

     In Astrology, Uranus is the Great Awakener. It’s the planet of “Aha!” moments and revelations, and inspires sudden insight or epiphanies about pretty much anything. Sometimes, these epiphanies turn out to be major ones. Like a lightning bolt from heaven, Uranus can strike you with an ingenious idea any time, anywhere.

Uranus Dominant Meaning

     With Uranus as your Dominant planet, you’re inspired to change the world. Radical and inventive in all that you do, your mind is well-informed and always zooming towards the future. You aim to be progressive in your pursuits, and want to shake things up (and often shock people ) with your progressive ideas and eccentric antics. There’s a powerful longing to define your individuality on your own terms. This is why you’re often separated from the pack, either by your physical appearance and style, or by your ideas / interests. Even so, you’re always searching for the place you feel you truly belong.

     Here’s how to know if you’re Uranus Dominant:

  • You have an Aquarius stellium or 11th House stellium (Uranus rules both Aquarius and the 11th House)
  • You have many planets aspecting your natal Uranus. Sun trine/sextile/square Uranus, Uranus conjunct Jupiter, Uranus square Mars, etc.
  • You are an Aquarius Sun / Aquarius Rising, or have Uranus on the Ascendant

Uranus Dominance in the signs

Fire Signs with Uranus Dominant Birth Charts

  • Uranus Dominant Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

     As a trendsetter and trailblazer, your natural element sets your mind ablaze, so you produce electric and futuristic ideas. You’re gutsy and experimental, and enjoy the attention you gain from shocking society with your distinctiveness. You make your own rules, and spearhead the manifestation of your wildest dreams and ideas. Watch out: your impulsiveness may lead you astray.

Earth Signs with Uranus Dominant Birth Charts

  • Uranus Dominant Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Both an inventor and an architect, you see the blueprint and the building of your wildest dreams. And with your allegiance to what is known to you, you merge your visions with the past to create a reformed future. You’re overwhelmingly rational, and fairly open-minded, and you bring the power of your abstract mind down to earth to create concrete works of genius. The normal limits of earth sign practicality are shattered when you are an Uranus dominant earth sign.

Air Signs with Uranus Dominant Birth Charts

  • Uranus Dominant Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You have an ultramodern mind, with a striking imagination, and you effortlessly conceive original ideas. You’re scientific, objective, and very friendly, seeking brotherhood among like-minded folks. Curiosity controls your mind, and you find people endlessly fascinating. Logic and imagination blend like peanut butter and jelly. But watch out: too much logic can make you illogical, and you may look at people like lab rats.

Water Signs with Uranus Dominant Birth Charts

  • Uranus Dominant Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

With lightning-like intuition, creative ideas strike you suddenly and intensely. The mystical world fuses with the abstract mind so you are both intuitive and logical. Your genius breeds with your emotions to create wondrous gifts for words, mathematics, music, and/or science. You are altruistic and socially-concerned, bright yet brooding. While your moods can be turbulent and choppy, and you may confuse thoughts with feelings, your intuition is razor-sharp. It’s easy for you to tune into into the frequency of other people’s motives and feelings.

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