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Cosmic Weather Forecast: 2023 Aries season

All the transits, baby!

     Wave goodbye to those winter blues and all the wishy-washy wishing of Pisces season, and get ready to kick some a$$: the Sun enters spirited and assertive fire sign Aries on March 20, which means it’s (finally) ARIES SEASON. This shift marks not only the beginning of Spring (in the northern hemisphere), but also the beginning of the astrological new year!

     Aries season, which runs from March 20 through Apr. 20, is a season of pioneering, inspiration and motivation. That’s because Aries is a cardinal fire sign, and in astrology cardinal means initiating and fire means action. Ergo: expect to trailblaze and set your personal goals on fire. (Not literally, of course. Unless your goals have to do with pyrotechnics…)

     During this time of the year, a Me-First mentality reigns supreme, and we’re excitable, energetic, and super confident. Independence is important right now, so is physical activity and chasing seemingly ungettable goals. This is due to Aries’ enthusiasm for newness, as well as the fire sign’s direct and passionate approach to…everything. 

     Sure, we might get a little headstrong, hot-headed and overzealous for the next four weeks, but if there’s ever a time when you can become a self-made mogul and/or initiate new creative projects and inspiring ideas, it’s now. (This list of Aries celebrities should inspire you to do just that, too: Lady Gaga, Elton John, Pedro Pascal, Diana Ross, Mariah Carey…)

     Naturally, the 2023 season of action-loving Aries is loaded with planetary action–you don’t have to worry about tracking any of it, though. I’ve got that covered. So, without further ado:

     Your Cosmic Weather Forecast for 2023 Aries Season

2023 Aries Season horoscope and meaning

     Aries season gets off to an energetic start on March 21st with a new moon in Aries. This new moon is a powerful lunation for setting intentions and pursuing new opportunities. Venus is conjunct the North Node in Taurus, making this a prime day to align your values, and make a shift in a new direction, attracting your desires in the process. 

     On Mar. 23, Pluto enters Aquarius, and this transit is a big deal. The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was during the French and American Revolutions in the late 1700s. With Pluto in Aquarius, the power of the collective is headed for a major transformation. 

     Just two days after this, Mars, the planet of action and energy, enters Cancer. This transit sees us tenaciously chasing our passions and leading with our emotions. It might also bring a lifestyle change and strengthen our desire for security. 

     Apr. 3 sees Mercury moving into leisurely earth sign Taurus, helping us take a more deliberate (less frantic) approach to any newly sprung ideas or projects. This transit of Mercury in Taurus slows our thoughts and reduces the pace of day-to-day life. No more hurry scurrying!

     The Libra full moon on April 6 promises to be a useful one for your goals. Mercury is sextile Mars and Saturn, and conjunct the North Node in Taurus. This makes it easier to align your thoughts and ideas with your desires, and create an action-plan for your aspirations. (It’s also a great day to set intentions! Which you can learn more about, here.) 

     Venus and Neptune are also closely aligned on this day, moving towards their sextile on April 7. When the love planet and Neptune, the planet of fantasy and idealism, meet up in this way, they intensify romantic and creative instincts, and arouse the imagination. It’s a good time to daydream or take a stroll through an exotic natural place (like the botanical gardens or the mountains). 

     And speaking of Venus…beginning Apr. 11, Venus enters airy Gemini, giving your love life, relationships and wallet a breath of fresh air. During this time, we’re more lighthearted, jokey, flippant and flirty in our relationships, shopping trips and communications. Mostly, though, we seek out fun and novelty when Venus is in Gemini.

     Enjoy the light-hearted feelings while they last. When Taurus season rolls around on Apr. 20, we’re staring down the barrel of Pluto Retrograde, Mercury retrograde, eclipse season and a Jupiter shift–but all that is eons (or *ahem* four weeks) away…