About Cosmic Cannibal

Well, hello there!


Cosmic Cannibal is a Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon, Leo Rising astrologer, writer, author, novelist, podcaster and artist who is now beginning to wonder why she’s writing her bio in third-person… Hm. 


Anyway, my name is Camille, and I help people learn about astrology through laugh-out-loud funny horoscopes, articles, and savvy astrology books.


I’ve been studying and practicing astrology for over a decade, and I my first venture into the astro-blog territory was on Tumblr back in 2015. That’s when Cosmic Cannibal was born, and I (eventually) learned that snarky-yet-savvy astrology writing was my jam. It’s also when I wrote my first astrology book, The Zodiac Abstract


Since then, I’ve written astrology articles and horoscopes for millennial and GenZ audiences at two digital newspapers. During that time, I also wrote my first novel and became the creator, host, and producer of Cosmic Chronicles, a comedy astrology podcast that brings my horoscopes to life. 


A little bit more about me: I have a B.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing, and I have an extensive background in music, art, publishing, journalism annnnd acting. So, you know, words, stories, and creative stuff are kinda my thing (#Gemini #Pisces #Leo). I just so happen to be a big astrology nerd too…



So, what does this mean for you, the reader? It means that with my background, education, and astrological experience (what is this, a cover letter?), I’m your go-to astrologer for fun, entertaining and enlightening astrological content. 

Everything on this site is my own (unless otherwise noted), and all the astro-content is informative with twists of humor tossed in to ensure you enjoy every word while learning a thing or two about the ZODIAC, PLANETS, HOUSES, and many other crucial components of astrology, including ANGLES, ASPECTS, and ASTEROIDS, and compatibility. Oh, and I can’t  forget the HOROSCOPES, because there are lots and lots of horoscopes for you to enjoy. 

Let’s consume the cosmos together!

If you’re looking to hear your horoscopes IRL, then check out my podcast COSMIC CHRONICLES: Astrology with Cosmic Cannibal, which has many of the horoscopes featured on this site, but with a dash of disco music and extra snark. 

So go on, take a bite out of astrology!