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Hold On To Your Head: Mercury is About to Go Retrograde

Astrology, Horoscopes, The Planets • One Comment

Mercury Retrograde will see us rethinking the ways in which we communicate, while disrupting rela…
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Aquarius Season– What’s it all about?

Astrology, The Zodiac • 4 Comments

The short and sweet lowdown on Aquarius season.
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WTF are (major) Aspects?!

Angles, Aspects, Asteroids, Astrology • One Comment

Cosmic Cannibal’s wry guide to the major astrological aspects
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Mars Opposite Saturn and Scoliosis: my experience of the aspect in the birth chart

Astrology, The Planets • 5 Comments

A personal account of how the planetary aspect manifest in my body and life.
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WTF is a Jupiter Return?!

Astrology, The Planets

All the T about this rare, benefical planetary transit.
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WTF is a Saturn Return?!

Astrology, The Planets • 6 Comments

And why is this transit so terrible?
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Venus Opposite Mars transit, explained

Astrology, The Planets

What can we expect with the oppositional pull between the two divine lovers?
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The deeper meaning of Scorpio season

Astrology, The Planets, The Zodiac • One Comment

Scorpio season compels us to dig deep into our psychological underworld — the creative depths…
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The Scorpio themes in John Milton’s Paradise Lost

Astrology, Glyphs and Myths, The Zodiac

How the antagonist in John Milton’s epic poem aligns with the astrological archetype of water sign …
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Sports, Drama, and the 5th House

Astrology, The Houses

Astrology is present everywhere — even (and especially) in the most popular sporting events a…
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