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  • Moon Sign Mastery: Explore the hidden facets of your inner world through the profound wisdom of your Moon sign. Unearth the secrets of your emotions and instincts like never before. Launching September 2023
  • Love & Compatibility: Unravel the intricacies of love and relationships in the cosmic dance of the zodiac. Learn the keys to compatibility, romance, and harmonious connections. Launching October 2023
  • Mercury Retrograde Magic: Mercury Rx no longer needs to be a cosmic conundrum. Join Camille to master the art of navigating this celestial phenomenon with grace and clarity, and learn how to use it to boost your creativity. Launching November 2023
  • ...and more!
  • Expert Guidance

    Join Camille, a seasoned astrologer with over ten years of experience, as she imparts her knowledge through these workshops. Uncover the secrets of astrology with of one of the industry's finest.

  • Flexibility

    With our digital format, you can learn astrology, compatibility, and money manifestation tips at your own pace, from anywhere in the world.

    No need to rearrange your cosmic schedule.

  • Comprehensive Content

    Cosmic Cannibal's astrology courses cover everything from the fundamentals to advanced topics. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned enthusiast, there's something here for everyone.