The Cosmic Cannibal


I am Camille the Cosmic Cannibal, self-proclaimed sign psychopath and self-taught astrologer. Music, art, and the stars are the fetishes of my life. Here you’ll find them all blended together with some gruesome gossip on all 12 zodiac signs, prepared by my Gemini mind. Always served raw and unrefined.

Ze Headshot
That’s me!

My goal of this blog-site is to chomp through the planets, and drool on the personalities of astrology and pop culture, while explaining the birth chart in intriguing and enlightening ways. What I want you to get out of my writings is, above all else: entertainment. As such, the material presented here is largely factual with twists of humor tossed in here and there to ensure you, the reader, enjoy every word written.

However, I have included more than just musings about the zodiac (though that is a heavy theme throughout). In fact, I am sharing with you many of my creative non-fiction and fiction pieces to give you something to read when you’re not in the mood for astrology (I cannot promise the writings won’t contain some astrological reference, however). I might even throw in a  tongue lashing or two.

I am constantly dreaming up ways to create more engaging content, but here’s a quick run through of where to find your favorite astro-full and astro-free food:

  • To get the dish on my personal cosmic transformation, creative nonfiction musings, and prose, click on The Cannibal
  • Choose from a buffet of explanations and explorations in The Planets
  • To get the skinny on the signs, and see zodiac rumors put to rest, click on The Zodiac
  • Nibble on mouthfuls of info about the 12 houses of astrology in  The Houses
  • In the mood for some self-love or relationship synastry? Read about sign-on-sign compatibility, zodiac romance profiles, and more in Astrophile.
  • If you’re in the mood for a random rant about astrology, or want to know what, when, and how a sign pisses me off, click on Tongue Lashings
  • Slurp some Star Soup when you want to satisfy your cravings for celebrity and pop culture (coming soon).
  • For information on Birth Chart Readings, click here

Don’t play with your food, take a bite out of astrology!

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