Karma & Kismet – Past Life Audio Birth Chart Reading


Want to know what your chart is holding onto, how to let go, and what all of that means for you now? Then you need the Karma & Kismet story, which analyzes your 4th House, your Nadir, 12th House, Pluto, and Chiron placements, as well as any karmic degrees in your chart.


By offering an audio interpretation, you get the benefits of a verbal chart reading with the convenience of an audiobook or podcast. Which means you can listen to this interpretation of your karmic placements–and be reminded of your innate capabilities and strengths–whenever and wherever.


My interpretation style is as conversational as it is informative and empowering, and it’s suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced fans of astrology. If you don’t speak the language of astrology, don’t fret, just let me know!


Format & Delivery: This is an Audio MP3 file of approximately 30-45 minutes in length. It will be available for direct download no later than one week after purchase. If you don’t receive a confirmation email that includes your MP3, or have any trouble listening to the MP3 once you receive it, please contact me.


Additional Note: Your date, time, and location of birth are needed for this Karma & Kismet reading. If you have a specific inquiry about your Chiron, Nadir, or 12th Houses, please say so in your message, and I will address that inquiry directly.


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